15 Strategies to Clean Your House in Half the Time

Your child has finally fallen asleep for a nap. Or the in-laws will arrive shortly. Or perhaps you want to clean your home fast so you can watch television and unwind.

Cleaning your home does not have to consume a whole day. There are methods to accelerate it. Here is how to quickly clean your home so you can return to your favourite pastimes.

We have included 15 cleaning tips as well as one-hour, 30-minute, and five-minute cleaning plans. Time to permanently alter your cleaning regimen!

Let’s be honest: cleaning is a bother. However, with the proper tools and a bit of forethought, you may reduce the amount of time generally spent washing tiles and removing mould and scale.

We consulted experts to determine how professional cleaners can swiftly, yet completely, clean your whole home. You will have a clean home in no time if you use these suggestions and techniques.

Check out these 15 quick and easy house cleaning hacks and suggestions!

Choosing a cleaning sequence and sticking to it every time is an excellent method to develop a speedy cleaning habit. Soon, it will become as automatic as muscle memory, and you won’t even need to think about what you’re doing.

Choose a working order and adhere to it consistently. We like to begin with the kitchen because it typically requires the most time. Getting things done is a prize in and of itself.

Top Advice

Go through your home’s rooms sequentially to avoid rushing around Riccar R10P. First, clean the lower level from the rear to the front. Then, ascend and work from the front to the rear.

Have a plan in place.

Although going room by room is an option, another time-saving strategy is to organise by task. If you are vacuuming, you should vacuum every room. Then, mop each room. Then, clean surfaces in each room, etc. This establishes a rhythm and allows you to leave your cleaning items out for that duty.

Speed-cleaning specialist (ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS owner) According to Constantin, halving your cleaning time begins with a method. That entails cleaning the house in the same sequence each time: one room at a time, beginning and ending at the same location inside a room so as not to spend time rushing back and forth.

ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS states, “To decrease the time, you must be consistent; this is the entire foundation.” “Every time you clean, you do the same thing, so it is a habit.” The routine is the method, which is a superior approach to clean since the pace is derived from the routine and not from rushing. You may effectively clean your home in half the time. “This is not a gimmick.

Clean from top to bottom, left to right.

If you’re in a hurry to clean, a floor steamer is an essential device. It is significantly faster than preparing a mop and bucket and waiting for the floors to dry.

Using a steam cleaner is as simple as filling it with water, turning it on, and waiting around 30 seconds for it to heat up before cleaning. It thoroughly cleans and disinfects your flooring.

Do not begin cleaning a room by washing the coffee table and then the blinds, only to have the dust from the blinds settle on the coffee table. Eco Clean Solutions recommends beginning from the ceiling, such as when dusting a ceiling fan, and working your way down to the floor to avoid duplication of effort.

In addition, cleaning from left to right ensures you clean the entire room without having to bounce about.

ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS explains, “Most people notice something and clean it, then they look up and see something else and clean it, and the dirt falls down over what you just cleaned.” “If you work from top to bottom and left to right, you won’t be cleaning previously cleaned areas.”

Squeegee Windows for a Finish Free of Streaks

Cannot get the desired shine using Windex and paper towels? The weapon of choice for Eco Clean Solutions is a professional-grade window squeegee. Place a drop of dish soap in a gallon of water, liberally apply the solution to the window with a cloth, and then remove it with a squeegee. ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS advises, “From top to bottom, clean the blade at the bottom each time.” You will receive a window without streaks.

ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS suggests using a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth in lieu of a squeegee. Utilize horizontal strokes and a top-to-bottom motion while cleaning with the towel. Do not wipe a window by rubbing in circles, since this can create streaks, and avoid using newspaper or paper towels, which leave a residue.

Maintain the essential equipment.

By investing in the proper tools, you may reduce your cleaning time. Investing in a robust vacuum, using high-quality detergents and sprays, and purchasing microfiber garments that are effective go a long way.

It may cost you a little additional money, but it’s worth it in the long run.

If you have all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies at arm’s reach, you won’t waste time returning and forth to the cupboard under the sink. Eco Clean Solutions suggests filling the pockets of an apron or even a carpenter’s tool belt. This may be difficult if you have multiple large bottles of cleaning, but you don’t need huge bottles; simply pour the cleaners into small, reusable spray bottles that are easy to transport. You may also organise your materials and save time by placing them in a caddy or a bucket.

If you hired a carpenter who climbed and descended a ladder every time he required a nail, you would never allow it, according to ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS. “You want him to have everything with him, and the same holds true for cleaning supplies.”

Become proactive

It is really simple to become sidetracked while cleaning the house. Because, let’s be honest, cleaning may be tedious. But if you maintain concentrate, you will accomplish everything much more quickly.

Set a timer, either with a stopwatch or by playing a favourite record, and strive to complete all tasks before the timer expires.

Additionally, this is an excellent time to listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

The greatest method to maintain a clean home is to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. For example, ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS suggests using a shower cleaner to avoid the accumulation of filth and soap scum in the bathtub. ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS states, “You can spray it on and walk away.” Spray it on every time you take a shower to prevent having a filthy shower. Just spray, rinse, and leave. There is no need to wipe anything.”

Without Spraying, Dust

Feather dusters are excellent for dusting blinds, artwork, niches, and other locations. Eco Clean Solutions like ostrich feather dusters, which are available for as little as $10, since the feathers capture dust and the huge quills do not fall out of the handle. ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS said, “You want a high-quality feather duster that fits in your back pocket.” The duster is effective for normal dusting, but for significant accumulation, you should vacuum or use a cloth, and then use the duster every two weeks or so.

Through Cooking Grease

This is our number one cleaning tip, particularly if we desire a spotless kitchen. As soon as the cycle concludes, you must unload the dishwasher.

This provides an instant location for dirty dishes, preventing them from piling up and cluttering your surfaces. Additionally, it leaves surfaces spotless, so you are more compelled to wipe them off, therefore keeping them clean and hygienic.

Grease accumulates inexorably on kitchen cupboards, particularly those above or adjacent to the stove. You may purchase a cleaner with orange oil to remove grease, or you can use a basic dishwashing detergent with grease-cutting properties. As it does with dishes, the detergent will cut through the oil on the cabinets.

One spoonful of liquid detergent should be blended with one gallon of warm water. Using a clean sponge or cloth, test the solution in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it will not harm or discolour the surface. Then, remove the dirt with a separate sponge and warm water.

If detergent fails to remove stubborn stains or buildup, combine baking soda with water and carefully clean the affected area with a towel.

Citrus Cleanser

Rust stains on patios, porches, garage floors, and driveways are unsightly, but they may be removed without the use of acid. Use instead a lemon. The lemon juice’s acid will dissolve the rust. Half the lemon, squeeze the juice onto the stain, and let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. Use a stiff bristle brush on stains that have remained on the concrete for weeks, months, or longer. Then, wash the lemon juice and grime away with clean water.

Taking on Bathroom Mold

Mold may grow rapidly in bathrooms, especially in the shower. If you don’t want to spend hours washing this away, consider putting hydrogen peroxide on the affected area, waiting a few minutes, and allowing the fungus to die.

Mold Point

While bathing, activate the exhaust fan. Use a squeegee after each shower to remove water from the shower doors and walls. This will prevent the growth of mould.

In poorly ventilated bathrooms where water lingers on the walls after showering, mould thrives. ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS recommends using hydrogen peroxide in a trigger-spray bottle to combat mould and mildew. “Spray it on, let it sit for three to five minutes, and the fungus will be eliminated.”

Use a fan in the shower to prevent the regrowth of mould. Take a few moments to squeegee the water off the tile walls and shower door after you’re finished.

The mineral deposits must be vanquished.

If hard water has discoloured your plumbing fixtures with mineral deposits, do not clean them with bristle brushes or pads. They are able to damage the faucet. Instead, vinegar should be used. Pour a small amount onto a clean towel and use it to wipe the faucets. It requires little effort to make them shine.

Maintain the lustre of the stainless steel

Fingerprints, smudges, and watermarks are the enemies of sinks and surfaces made of stainless steel. Mineral oil can help you defeat them, according to ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS. Once every week, pour mineral oil into a towel and wipe off the surface. The mineral oil repels water and prevents toothpaste and other objects from clinging to the sink, making it simpler to clean.

Acquaint Yourself With Magic Erasers

ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS and ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS are both lovers of the $4 four-pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They remove stains when nothing else would, according to ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS. Keep a few of cleaning supplies in your caddy. According to Eco Clean Solutions, the eraser is great for cleaning walls and nearly all types of flooring, including wood, laminate, and tile.

How to Clean the Microwave Like a Pro

The interior of your microwave likely resembles a battle zone. Unfortunately, baked-on food can be difficult to remove, especially if it has been sitting for days or more.

Utilize the microwave’s assistance. Eco Clean Solutions recommends heating a coffee cup of water in the microwave until it is boiling. According to ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS, this causes moisture that loosens everything on the top, sides, and bottom of the microwave. Then, using a moist towel, clean the surfaces.

The vacuuming of rows.

Dusting and vacuuming should be performed in that sequence. If you dust and then vacuum, dust that has fallen from shelves and trinkets will drop on the floor. You may then vacuum it up, leaving your property significantly cleaner.

Don’t Forget

Ensure that your blinds and other areas of the room are dusted. You may do so with a quality microfiber cloth.

The secret to successful and efficient vacuuming according to Eco Clean Solutions is to vacuum the whole length of the room in a straight line, then turn around and begin again at the room’s entrance. Once every week, ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS recommends vacuuming high-traffic areas.

ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS instructs, “Vacuum in long corn rows and leave the room.” You may do it quickly and put the cable over your shoulder to avoid resistance. “When you’re finished, it will look magnificent.

Speed-Clean Consistently

If you dislike weekend-long deep-cleaning activities, consider speed-cleaning more often. Set a timer for 15 minutes each morning and night to perform a fast house cleaning. You may even beat the timer, giving you extra time to relax in your significantly cleaner house.

According to Eco Clean Solutions, if you want to reduce your cleaning time, you must clean more frequently. Once you have performed a thorough cleaning of your home, give it a once-over every few weeks. It will keep the house looking great and prevent you from having to perform months’ worth of cleaning at once. ECO CLEAN SOLUTIONS states, “You establish maintenance cleaning instead of catch-up cleaning.”

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