5 Crafts That you can Sell Online and Create From Home

If you are someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative spark, deciding upon crafts that you can sell for a side hustle can prove not only enjoyable but also profitable. 

Most are easy to set up and even if you think design skills are not your strong suit even this is not a barrier. Nowadays the internet allows you to connect with virtual designers and suppliers that can help boost the quality of your products. 

But how to start? 

Read on to gain an insight into some of the most profitable ideas for crafts that you can sell.

1. T-Shirts 

Old but gold, the world of selling printed t-shirts online is projected to be a 10 billion dollar industry by 2025.

With it being so competitive some things are fundamental. Choose a specific niche to ensure that you find a pool of customers that will keep coming back. Source quality materials and request samples before making any big orders.  

For designs, you can make up your own or find a designer on sites such as Dribble, Freelancer, or Graphic River.

2. Candles

As a crowd favorite and them being relatively easy to produce, getting involved in candle making is a great option if you have no previous experience.  A quick search online will prove you with easy-to-follow tutorials on the melt and pour method to get started. 

Two areas to keep in mind. A wise move would be to take out insurance and label your products clearly as safety in this area is more important than any other. The other, make sure your product stands out with great design and packaging. 

3. Bath Bombs

The core product of what is now one of the biggest cosmetic companies, bath bombs are a sensory delight and for that reason people love them. Tutorials are again easy to find leaving you to focus on what essential oils, botanicals, or which little treats you will put inside them.     

Make sure to check that your home meets the local government health standards before starting to sell. 

4. Jewelry 

One of the most intricate crafts that you can sell is jewelry making. That being said there is much range in what you can do, leaving you to exercise your creative juices. The most important factor is getting good wholesale jewelry supplies, once sorted you are on your way!

Regarding design, as it is connected to the ever-changing fashion industry, be sure to do good research to make sure your products don’t fall into fad territory. 

5. Enamel Pins

A resurgence among the younger generations for pins is understandable. These little accessories are able to provide a little individuality to any piece of clothing or backpack. 

For design, you could go down the route of doing it yourself with tools like photoshop. or outsourcing on sites like Pixlr. The key is a good relationship with your manufacturer, so be sure to ask questions like, Can you send me a physical sample? Do you have a minimum spend? What are your clasp and material options?

There’s No End to Crafts That You Can Sell Online

We have only scratched the surface of crafts that you can sell. With so many options available to you there isn’t much left for you to do than get started today!

We hope we have been able to inspire you into action with this post. Check out the other great business-related content on our site.