4 Ways to End World Hunger

Yes, COVID-19 is the pandemic that has been around for the past two years. Do you want to know the most prevalent pandemic that has been present throughout history and in the current world? Yes, you guessed it. World hunger is a pandemic. Almost one in ten people are suffering from hunger. 

Food insecurity is on the rise at an alarming rate and the people are starving as a result of this. Combating global hunger is one of the main priorities of world governments and global organizations. I have listed out a few ways we can combat and eventually end world hunger below: 

Boosting Agriculture for Higher Income 

Those in extreme poverty conditions are frequently people that are employed within the farming and agricultural sectors. Many farmers reside too far from markets that can assist in selling crops and making a profit. 

Other issues they can face include, limited access to credit, skills and resources required to boost harvests. These issues can be overcome through providing agricultural welfare programs which provide farmers with economic opportunities and help them obtain the support they need for further success. 

Effective Social Welfare Programs 

Social welfare programs have provided an efficiency and effectiveness to protection of social systems that simply cannot be ignored. However, several impoverished regions lack such programs. More social welfare programs should be introduced to various areas within a nation and across the globe to help particularly vulnerable communities. 

Organizations that are responsible for the programs are heavily dependent on donations and come up with various projects to provide humanitarian assistance. For example, The Hunger Project is one such charitable organization that aims to end world hunger. 


People need to be taught the shared responsibility for both nutrition and health. It is vital to focus on the right nutrition, personal hygiene, sanitization & remaining healthy when speaking about food shortages. For instance, insufficient water intake or unsanitary water could lead to diseases such as stomach infections, could result in many children uneducated at home and parents staying home to look after children instead of farming. 

Providing training programs in impoverished communities is crucial in ending global hunger as it helps people understand correct behaviors such as washing hands before food preparation, drinking clean water and empowering people in sharing such responsibilities. 

This can foster gender equality as it can alter the dynamics of family and make duties fairer and more impartial between males and females. In addition, people should be taught the effects of food wastage, the importance of not wasting their food and freezing food instead of throwing it away. 

Resource Management and Disaster Relief 

Sustainable resource management is vital, especially for societies which have natural resources as their main source of income. For instance, reforestation within areas that are prone to extreme weather conditions builds a sustainable method in managing resources. 

In addition, have educational programs on how to prepare for a natural disaster. Meet immediate food needs by providing humanitarian assistance to communities that have experienced a natural disaster. This is generally done through organizations in the form of transferring food, money or food vouchers. 

World Hunger is a hard weight to pull out of this world. But when there is a will, there is a way. Donate to specialized organizations and programs or start your own and contribute to reducing and ultimately alleviating global hunger.