3 Cheapest Sites to Buy Kick Followers 2023 (Fast & Safe)

Do you want to seize this unique opportunity to become a streamer on Kick? Do you aspire to be among the first to monetize on this platform? The quickest and most effective method to meet the monetization criteria is to buy cheap Kick followers. Numerous streamers have employed this technique to kickstart their channels. Discover how to do it yourself and soar to success!

Where can I Buy followers?

We offer you a list of completely secure platforms (we have tested them) to help your channel get its first 75 followers. This is essential, as it is the requirement to start earning revenue from advertising on the platform.

1. Amedia Social

This website was one of the first platforms to offer this service. Prior to that, they had extensive experience in social media growth, helping thousands of influencers and content creators expand their reach.

We guarantee that on this website, you can buy Kick followers with complete assurance. Simply provide your channel details (although they will never ask for your password) and complete a straightforward purchase form.

No matter your budget, you can purchase your first 50 Kick followers for just $3.28, although we recommend unlocking monetization by buying 75 Kick followers for $5.48.

The platform stands out for its efficiency in providing personalized service, a comprehensive FAQ section, a variety of payment methods, and exclusive discounts that can be found periodically on the website. It’s definitely worth taking a look!

2. Promotestream

The following platform is dedicated exclusively to providing services for streaming platforms, primarily Twitch and Kick. It also offers products for those looking to grow their live streams on YouTube or TikTok.

While the prices are slightly higher than the previous website, Promotestream ensures a reliable service with fast delivery, usually within one day of purchase.

If we have to highlight any negative aspect, it’s that the website is relatively new, thus lacking extensive customer feedback. Additionally, we found the FAQ section to be somewhat lacking in information, though we expect it to improve over time.

In conclusion, Promotestream stands out as one of the few specialized pages offering services for streaming apps, where you can buy followers with security and guarantees.

3. MediaGrowth

We introduce MediaGrowth as the third option, a modest social media growth platform that offers Kick followers.

Its main strengths are quick delivery and a straightforward purchasing process. On the other hand, if you are looking for a website with detailed information, a variety of packages, and a more personalized service, you might want to consider other options.

Nevertheless, it deserves a spot on the list for being a secure platform to buy Kick followers and boost your channel. Feel free to explore their numerous services for other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Twitch.

What are the benefits of buying Kick followers?

The most evident advantage of buying Kick stream followers is that it helps you fulfill one of the requirements to monetize your channel. Unlike Twitch, you can directly earn revenue from subscriptions. However, to benefit from ad views during live streams, you need to gather up to 75 followers.

Another significant advantage you’ll gain from purchasing followers is the transformation of your channel’s image. By acquiring more followers, your streams will garner a better reputation, attracting more organic viewers and subscribers.

How can I tell if the followers I am buying are real?

The most effective way to find out who follows you on Kick is by activating alerts during your live streams. This can be achieved through applications that assist with stream management, with OBS being the most renowned one. By enabling alerts, you will be able to see the usernames of your new followers.

Upon accessing the user’s account, you will notice that they possess a genuine profile indistinguishable from other followers obtained organically. Hence, these are real accounts that have followed you.

How can I buy Kick followers?

The process of buying Kick followers on any of the listed platforms is usually the same or very similar:

Access the website.

Enter the URL of your Kick channel.

Select the desired quantity of followers.

Add the product to the shopping cart.

Provide the purchase details.

Click on ‘Checkout’ and… Voilà! In a few hours, you will receive your new followers on Kick.

Is it legal to buy followers on Kick? Can I be banned?

Purchasing followers for social media is not prohibited by any legislation. It is a gradual process that enables you to enhance your presence on the app and achieve one of the most common goals for new streamers. Moreover, you will not face any penalties from Kick.