3 Banned Things! Do Not Throw Away Without Supervision: Dumpster Rental Clinton

Disposing of garbage can overwhelm you, especially when you do not have a proper mechanism for it. Today, our world is facing pollution from e-waste, illegal garbage disposal in water streams, and other activities that cause environmental issues. In 2020, since there was no one to pick up garbage from the residential homes, many people switch to take a shortcut and dump their waste in nearby vacant spaces. Without supervision, this activity caused a lot of health and hygiene issues in the local community. There is a ban on a certain type of waste; it is illegal to throw these kinds of waste in a dumpster. So, even if you have opted for a dumpster on rental in Clinton, stay mindful about the waste you throw in. In this post, you can easily find out illegal items. They got banned because they might damage the environment and cause harm to anyone who gets in touch with it. 

A list of banned items:- 


There are a variety of batteries out there! Most of them contain lead or sulfuric acid. Once they make their way out to the dumpster, these battery toxins can damage the dumpster to the point where it cannot be fixed. Apart from the damage caused to the physical product, there are environmental issues that are caused due to mercury and nickel present in the battery. One of the safest ways to dispose of batteries is to take them back where you bought them in the first places. The retailers like Walmart and IKEA know how to dispose of the batteries. Avoid throwing them in your rented dumpster. 


In 2020, the search for the term ‘e-waste’ peaked during April and May. Due to the lockdown, people started to realize the importance of disposing of e-waste responsibly. This category includes damaged/broken items like old laptops, CD players, smartphones, digital watches, etc. Avoid throwing e-waste in the rental dumpster. A recent study shows that even though common household products contain only around 1-4% of organic waste, e-waste production reaches 75% in the case of heavy metal and approximately 45% in the case of waste that includes lead. These types of waste cause harm to soil and can cause permanent damage. Gain awareness about how to dispose of electronics, try to give them to charity, or perhaps reuse them. Sometimes, you may even exchange the old electronics for a new one, and you will get a percentage of discounts on your order. 

Crude Oil 

The oil used as a fuel in cars, motorcycles and to drive various other engines is mostly harmful to water bodies and soil. There is a ban on pouring motor oil on the ground, drains and dumpsters. The water bodies can get so severely affected by oil that the living creatures like fish, frogs, etc. can face death because of it. The water bodies won’t function properly if we drain oil into them. When motor oil is drained into a water body, it cuts off the supply of oxygen of the pond, which means no air to breathe for the creature in it. The right way to dispose of motor oil is by properly sealing it in a plastic container.

Some other items that you must avoid: –

  1. Tires
  2. Paints 
  3. Light Bulbs

What happens when you throw banned items in rental dumpsters? 

We design dumpsters to hold only certain types of items. The list of things it can hold is very large, yet few items should not be thrown in a dumpster like the things mentioned in this post. When you throw banned items, they not only cause damage to the dumpster but even cause harm to the environment. 

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