10 Tips For Playing PUBG

Have you got chicken dinner in PUBG? Nope! Then you are missing something and today I will give the top 10 tips for playing PUBG to have your chicken dinner.

PUBG is one such battle royale game where you even get the mastery of Pubg, your achievement is less.

However, understanding and mastering PUBG Mobile is not rocket science. By reading this PUBG 10 tips for playing PUBG guide till the conclusion part, I guarantee you will understand our point of view to master it on the next level.

Guys, the performance of the best game in PUBG Mobile depends on your own skills. You can also download pubg lite for pc to play immersive gameplay.

Here, we are just giving you tips for playing PUBG and improving your gaming skill. So if you are also a new player and want to improve your game and understand PUBG Mobile then without wasting time let’s start this guide of 10 tips for playing PUBG.

High Quality while playing

First of all, go to Settings and increase the quality of your video during PUBG playing. This is very important to get a clear picture view so enemies can’t escape, hide and attack you.

Don’t Miss Your Aim

Try to keep your Aim-Assist always on to aim smoothly. Guys, shoot only when there is a big possibility of the death of the person in front of you and by firing a shot you will give your location to others.

Avoid unusual firing

If you find a lesser number of people are left in the end, be patient, let the rest die fighting among themselves and keep yourself in the safe zone. So avoid unusual firing.

Use your headphones

With the use of headphones, you will also be able to hear the sound of the footsteps clearly. If you don’t use headphones then the noise of surrounding clashes with your game.

Observe your Map

Keep observing your map, Whenever a danger sign appears on the map for a bomb alert, you can easily hide your footsteps and run. In this situation, you can also target people running out of danger marks.

Don’t hide for long

Guys, do not sit in one place for a long time, as this can make you a sniper target and always keep bandages and energy drinks with you in sufficient quantities this will improve your health status for a longer time.

 Firing Alert

Suppose firing is going on then if you don’t know from where the bullets are coming at you, then never run straight or try to lie down and hide in the grass. At this time keep in mind always run in a counter-clockwise direction and try to escape.

Choosing the Right Gun

Guys try to Choose the gun wisely because you need different guns in different situations. There is no use of similar types of guns. Having the right scope lens is essential for the right gun.  Like why would you ever use a 4X scope for an SMG!  On the other hand, using a holographic sight with a rifle will not be beneficial.

Avoid Carrying Unnecessary Tools

Try to avoid carrying unnecessary tools while playing. Don’t carry what you don’t need during PUBG playing. For example, if you do not have a shotgun, then why keep its bullets. Due to this, you become slow and you get tired quickly.

Keep your safe zone for future

Do you know the supply-carat is like a trap, nothing comes from getting close to it? Yes, there is a lot of benefit in aiming from the far. Wherever you are, be sure to find a car, because when the safe zone shrinks, that’s when it will come in handy.


These are 10 tips for playing PUBG to improve your pubg performance and master it to the next level and these tips will also help you to gain good gaming skills and become a great gamer in your life so that people can’t defeat you as easily as they think of it. I hope you enjoyed these tips for playing PUBG and from now you will keep these tips in your mind before playing. If you do so I’m pretty sure you will have your chicken dinner very soon. Take care!