6 Ways to Install Warehouse Racking!

There are many types of warehouse racking systems. Their correct selection not only helps in organizing the storage process but also the sorting and selection of goods. Despite some differences in warehouse systems, the installation of racks, the detailed procedure for which is determined by the manufacturer’s instructions, is approximately the same. 

Each warehouse has characteristics and objectives that it must meet. These aspects are important when choosing the type of pallet racking. But the installation of such a system matters a lot.

So, how do you install the warehouse racking system?

Table of Content

  • Effective Warehouse Racking Installation Criteria
  • How to Install Warehouse Racking?
    • Organization of Work
    • Security
    • Consider the General Requirements
    • Keep Warehouse In Proper Conditions
    • Take Into Account the Dimensions
    • Install The Racking Properly
  • Wrapping Up!

Effective Warehouse Racking Installation Criteria

Shelving systems can be placed in different ways. It depends on the characteristics of the premises. If you plan to store rolled metal, cantilever racks are installed. If one-sided systems are installed, they’re located along the wall. When there is enough space and a double-sided structure can be installed, the situation changes. 

In this case, the console system is placed in the middle of the warehouse. It’s a smart solution that allows the forklift operator to drive up to the rack without hindrance and pick up everything he needs. On the territory of the warehouse, you can install more sections and use them for their intended purpose. This is a direct way to increase profits and grow your business.

How to Install Warehouse Racking?

Organization of Work

It’s unlikely that anyone would think of assembling multi-section storage racks with their own hands. Such work is carried out by specialized teams of installers with the appropriate experience and knowledge. And they’re confirmed by a special document – the permit to carry out installation work.

A certificate for the performance of a certain type of work is issued to a legal entity that organizes the training and equipment of its people. Most often, such teams have organizations that manufacture racks, or firms that sell them.


Such strictness is associated with the fact that the price that has to be paid towards installation work is too high. In case of the collapse of racks, not only material values matter but also people in the warehouse may suffer. Therefore, both the assembly and the operation of structures must be properly monitored.

Consider the General Requirements

There are general requirements that apply to any installation work, the observance of which allows you to ensure an adequate level of safety. It includes the proper organization of the work, the use of means and devices for the protection of working people.

It’s also very important that when mechanizing work, make sure the devices are completely safe. This also meets the requirements of the current standard, and devices must be in good working order.

Keep Warehouse In Proper Conditions

The warehouse must be closed and dry, with an air temperature of at least +5 degrees for the delivery of structures to the place of assembly. So you don’t have to reload components from place to place several times.

warehouse in proper conditions

It must be possible to unload the flatbed truck at the warehouse gate and move the cargo from the body to the room with a forklift. For normal operation, it’s necessary to define the frame assembly area, which requires a certain amount of space. 

Take Into Account the Dimensions

There should be no potholes on the floor, it should be clean and dry. At the base of the floor, there should be reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of at least 17.5 cm. It has a fairly high compressive strength. And this is important since the warehouse floors are under enormous stress.

Slight irregularities in the surface are allowed. The defects can be easily eliminated by metal leveling plates, which are necessarily included in the system kit.

Install The Racking Properly

The pre-installation marking should be done in such a way that the anchoring of the foot bearings of the posts doesn’t fall on the joints of the floor slabs, or the places where the internal reinforcement passes. The marking lines are created along with the help of geodetic instruments.

racking installation

All work on the assembly of warehouse racks is carried out in accordance with the working documentation provided by the manufacturer. By the way, it is necessary to coordinate with him any changes in terms of the placement of the rack, as well as increasing or decreasing the level marks.

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Wrapping Up!

The strength test of all pallet heavy-duty racks is carried out at least once a year. The test consists in creating a force on the cell that exceeds the maximum load capacity by 25%. To preserve the integrity of the structure, time limits have been established – the duration of such a test is no more than 10 minutes. The horizontal and vertical loading of the structure is carried out in sequential order. Then, the condition of the racks and beams is assessed. Upon successful completion of the test, steel structures are marked with a note of the permissible load.

Pallet racks are manufactured according to established regulatory standards, which ensures the safe operation of metal structures and long service life. These requirements define operational rules, completeness, overall dimensions of the equipment, and control of the technical condition. The racks for the placement of packaged and piece goods comply with the technical conditions for storing products and have permissible dimensions, which are determined by state standards.