10 Things To Know Before Choosing Digital Lock

Are you thinking about purchasing a digital lock for your home or, office? Security is very important for your home or your office and to do that the access to enter inside should not be easy for anyone. Since the door is the way to enter, high security system should be there. And in the era of digital world, modern technology can really help you to increase you home security.

Smart lock is a system where biometric verification is needed for someone to get the access to enter. Or you can use a password, or Mobile app or, card to get access into the house or, office. You can even install a digital lock for your locker or, any furniture or, even car as well. If you haven’t used a digital lock before then you may have many confusion about it.

Then don’t worry, we are going to discuss about some important aspects of a digital lock in this post. So go through the post to the end to get answers to all your queries about digital lock system.

High Security

We have come far from using lock and key for security of our important assets. By using digital lock system you can select the persons whom you want to give access to enter your house, to open the locker or, cupboard, to use your car. There is no possible way by which someone can try to break the door or the lock to enter inside illegally or, to steal any important assets you have kept inside the cupboard. Since you will provide biometric of certain persons, they can only get the access to your locker, your car, home or, office.

Multiple Entry Options

It’s not like only one type of key can open the door when you are using digital lock. There are many methods by which you can give the access to selected persons only. Either they can use their fingerprint, or, face if it is registered, or they can enter the password or, they can use mobile applications to open the door.

In case of office door locks, there are many employees who will need to enter. In this case you can choose card system and you can provide cards to each of your employees. They will need to tap the card on the sensor to enter inside. If you still want to have a key for the door, it is also possible to have a manual key to unlock the door.

No Issue Of Loosing The Key

Since there are multiple entry options available, you don’t need the key to enter inside. Sometimes it happens that we use forget to bring the keys or, we just lose it somewhere. Then it is problematic and we have to wait for someone to come who has the right key, Or if not then you will have to break the lock. But in digital lock system, there is no issue of carrying the key all the time and yet you can get access.

Easy To Install

Though you can try to install digital locks by yourself, but if you are installing it for the first time and don’t know how to do it. The. We will recommend you to hire professionals to install the lock anywhere you want. Digital lock installation Singapore is an easy process if you have the right tools and the person to install it. There is not much time taking issue, it will take very short time to install the lock. Later you can register the biometric of persons who can enter or, you can set the password according to your choice.

It Provides A Fancy Look

Unlike the normal lock and key system, this lock can give your house or your locker a fancy look. It depends on the design and materials you choose for it. It also works as a gadget and is generally made of stainless steel. You can choose a glass finish look for the lock with better build quality to increase the durability of the lock. Cheap digital lock Singapore are also available in which you can find a little different features.

Check The Battery Life

Most of the digital locks run on battery and the battery life ranges from 6 months to 1 year. It may differ depending on environment, temperature of this place and also on the brand you are using. So ask the seller about the battery life of the digital lock before digital lock installation Singapore. Some locks have the feature of giving notification when it is having low battery life so that you can be aware of it. It is easy to replace the battery any time so that the entry and exit does not stop at any cost.

You Can Check On The Visitors

By connecting your smartphone with the device you can get notification of the visitors inside the house. You can even register different codes for your family members too. So you will automatically understand if any of your family members have reached home in time or not. Even if anyone try to enter illegally using the door lock, then you will get security alert too. What else can be more useful in enhancing the security of home or, office.

Check The Warranty

Whenever you are purchasing a new product, you need to check the warranty provided by the company before purchasing it. It goes the same with door lock too, do check the warranty provided by the brand. It can be 1 to 5 years depending on the brand you choose. In case of cheap digital lock Singapore, the warranty period may be shorter than the expensive ones.

Your Money Will Be Saved

Since your home is safe, no one can enter illegally, all your assets will be safe too. A thief can not enter to steal any jewellery or other valuable things from your locker. All your important documents will be safe too and there will be very less chance of loosing anything. Also you may not need to hire a security guard to stand in front of the door of your office all the time. So the manual labour will be reduced and you won’t have to pay extra money for that.

Cost Of Installation

The price of digital lock installation Singapore may range from 200 USD to 400 USD. It will depend on the brand you choose and the features you choose. The more options you want to avail, the more price you have to pay. But your security will be high too so you won’t regret spending your money on it.


We hope that this post will be beneficial for you in some way and you have got insight on digital lock system. So don’t wait too long, just go for the installation to enjoy all those benefits . And used good quality door lock to increase its life span.

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