Everything You Need To Know About Digital Door Locks Before You Invest In It

Almost every modern home, smart homes in particular, use digital door locks or electronic locks to make their premise and building even safer. Not only that, even the traditional and old homes are now replacing their old locks with these electronic locks for additional security, and there are several good reasons for that.

  • These digital door locks come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and features. It is the revolutionary innovation that has made these popular.
  • It is the most wonderful and interesting way to unlock your door to a known person or deny access to a person you do not want.

In addition to that, these electronic locks provide you with the keyless convenience. That means you will not need to carry a bunch of keys along with you always and worry what to do in case you lose them.

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You can choose from the latest and widest variety in digital door locking technology to open your door which includes a keypad, fingerprint, picture of your eyes and a smart card. Each of these technologies come with its own distinctive features and functionality and offers the best solutions adding simplicity and convenience to your life, apart from total safety and security.

These digital door locks provide practical reliability combining cutting edge technology with alarms to prevent burglary, fire and vandalism.

Fail safe and fail secure locks

The digital door locks are considered to be fail-safe and fail-secure locks because these are locked or unlocked with the help of electrical current and impulse. The electrical current actually performs three major functions such as:

  • Powering the electromagnet
  • Powering the solenoid, an electromagnet that has a single coil and
  • Powering the small motor inside the locking mechanism.

These parts inside the locks make them fail-safe or fail-secure.

  • A fail-safe lock typically opens from the side of ingress if there is a power outage or if the emergency alarm is triggered. The electrical power that keeps the door locked disengages the locking mechanism when power is removed. Therefore, it will protect you at the times of emergency allowing safe exit and quick entry for the emergency responders.
  • Fail-secure digital door locks, on the other hand, is just the opposite of a fail-safe lock. This lock uses electrical power to retract the bolt. This means that in case there is an electrical outage, the bolt will stay in locked position. It will protect valuables in times of emergency as the EMP or electromagnetic pulse or power outage will not disengage the lock.

Not all digital locks will have both fail-secure and fail-safe functions, therefore make sure that you choose the one according to your needs. Also keep in mind the fact that the building code in your state may disallow using of either a fail-safe or a fail-secure lock.

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Features and types

When safety is the primary concern, no lock is good if it is not sufficiently robust and even if it is, it will not be worth if it is not fixed to a stable structure. These digital door locks are however much more reliable and safer option because of its mechanism and design which consists of bars that will penetrate both the side walls as well as the floor. This means that the cost of the locks as well as the level of security provided will depend on two specific factors, the dimension of the bars and the slots.

So now that the advantages of digital door locks are known, there is little chance of traditional locks gaining popularity and will slowly but surely fade out.