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Creative brainstorming is a vital aspect of professional success, whether you’re looking for a new way to pitch a product or solve a problem. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. That’s why it helps to have the support of a brainstorming expert in your corner. 

What is brainstorming? 

Before we dive into the necessity of brainstorming in the workplace, it’s a good idea to start with a solid definition of what brainstorming actually is. So, here’s what you need to know: brainstorming is basically just a buzzword we use to describe a creative problem-solving exercise that is applicable for every aspect of life and business.  

If you work in marketing and you need to find a way to sell a new product, you’ll need to brainstorm an effective marketing campaign. If you work in a STEM-related field, you’ll use brainstorming to solve problems, make discoveries, and spearhead change. 

Why is brainstorming important? 

Brainstorming is awesome in the workplace because it encourages three key things: 

  • Critical thinking 
  • Creative problem-solving 
  • Diverse solutions 

These qualities are vital because they help you, your ideas, and your business stand out from the crowd! Everyone can benefit from fresh eyes and new inspiration but many businesses fail to adequately invest in creative problem-solving opportunities for their team. 

If you don’t invest in creative solutions, it’s easy for your business’ ideas, marketing strategies, and brand to become stale. This makes it easy for your competitors to surpass you while you lag behind. 

That’s where Zack Milkman comes in. 

How Zack Milkman can help 

As an entrepreneur and brand strategist, Zachary Milkman is kind of a brainstorming expert. Zack is the founder of Brainstorm Tech— a company which specializes in creative problem-solving solutions— and Washe, a car wash start-up that elevated the business model of companies like Carvana by empowering customers to order customized car washes on demand. 

Zack’s innovative ideas and revolutionary brainstorming created the concepts for these companies and devised new ways to make them uniquely profitable. Through these experiences, Zack Milkman has honed his expertise as a founder, brand strategist, and brainstorming expert— and that’s exactly why he can be a breath of fresh air for your brand. 

 When you’re trying to brainstorm ideas on your end, it can feel like your brain is your own worst enemy. Creativity can never really flourish without the challenge and input of alternative perspectives, and that’s where Zack comes in. 

When you work with Zack Milkman, you have an opportunity to share your ideas with a pro, to get a fresh perspective, and to reap the benefits of a new creative spin on your company. Whether you’re looking for a new way to market a product or your business is in need of a rebrand, Zack can be a sounding board for your ideas, a positive creative force, and a conduit for innovative insights. 

Brainstorming with Zack Milkman 

Brainstorming doesn’t come super easily to everyone. But Zack Milkman has forged a career through his skills of creative problem solving and he loves using that talent to help other entrepreneurs succeed. 

When you work with brainstorming specialist Zack Milkman, you get the opportunity to reinvent your idea, your product, or your entire brand. By connecting with Zack, you will receive a personalized brand consultation, a review of what your brand can work on, and solutions that will take your brand from ‘meh’ to ‘wow!

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