Youtube Demonetisation Woes Looming Overhead: Here’s A Hack

It’s easy to upload original videos to YouTube and earn money from them. However, the majority of prominent YouTube channels’ revenue comes from adverts and the platform’s monetization structure. But in order to avail such opportunity a creator has to follow some strict rules and violation of those rules could lead to demonetization of the content and many a times worse than that, the channel may be taken down.

So, there are a lot of arguments regarding this topic that have taken place over the years and many solutions have come out of it. In order to save a content from the adverse effect of demonetization, we have come up with certain proven practices that not only saves the content from demonetization but also ensures that the content shoots up. 

What is YouTube Demonetization ?

YouTube demonetization, often known as “Adpocalypse,” is the process by which YouTube content producers are denied the ability to place adverts on their videos, causing bottlenecks for a consistent flow of ad revenue. Ad revenue must be taken into account since it is one of the primary sources of income for the majority of YouTubers and has greatly contributed to the success of independent content producers. Due to the demonetization of the video hosting platform, hundreds of video streamers overnight lost their ability to make money from adverts.

Reason why YouTube channel get Demonetized 

A content is demonetized if it violates certain norms that are laid down by Youtube. Although the reasons for demonetization can vary, these videos don’t often follow YouTube’s criteria for advertiser-friendly content. 

Here are a list of factors that can provoke demonetization on your content:

  • Intent to scam, deceptive practices, or spam
  • Adult content
  • Violations of child safety
  • Extremist content
  • Hate speech 
  • Harassment and cyberbullying 
  • Copyrighted content (unless it adheres to YouTube’s fair use policy).
  • Duplicate or reused content.

In promoting a wide variety of viewpoints while limiting the dissemination of harmful content, YouTube has acted seriously and responsibly. For instance, algorithm modifications implemented in the beginning of 2019 have cut consumption of questionable content by 70%. According to YouTube, borderline content is described as being damaging or misleading but not quite breaking community guidelines. Conversely, offensive material is removed right away.

Role of Youtube Algorithm in Demonetization

For the purpose of identifying content that violates its policies, YouTube combines machine learning with human reviewers. Videos that no longer meet the tight requirements of the Account Monetization scheme are removed from the programme once YouTube changes its algorithm. 

Youtube uses a set of API such as cloud vision and cloud vision intelligence to detect any such violation of guidelines. It recognises objects, words, and facial emotions. The programme makes an effort to label the image. Additionally, it determines whether the image is parody and whether adult content is likely. Speech recognition is another function of video intelligence, and it even has the ability to distinguish between people X and Y by identifying who said what.

The topic of the video is determined by combining the speech recognition results with the data from each individual frame.

Recommended Alternative Solution to Threat of Demonetization

It happens many times although your video might not have violated any guidelines, in spite of that your video gets demonetized. And sometimes even after contacting Youtube it does not get restored. In such cases one should be smart enough to keep a supplementary solution at disposal. 

It’s time for you to start thinking differently if you are a YouTuber and have experienced demonetization or are about to experience it as a result of inconsistencies in the YouTube policy guidelines. You may play to your strengths without ever having to worry about content demonetization thanks to our really straightforward approach! 

But how do you accomplish this?

Launch your Streaming Platform

Video streamers whose only source of revenue was from playing videos on the largest video search engine in the world have been severely impacted by YouTube’s demonetization. The ideal choice for them would be to switch to a new online video platform and start a fresh video streaming website. This would enable streamers to establish their own brands, become autonomous, and never again have to worry about things like demonetization.

All you have to do is switch to a different video hosting service and relocate your online business. You can start your own-branded video streaming platform and monetize your content anyway you like, whether it be through subscriptions, ad-based revenue, or pay-per-view (PPV). We will be pleased to assist you in starting your customized video streaming website and app.

Launching your own streaming platform not only saves you from the threat of getting demonetized, it also provides you an opportunity to grow. When you grow as a creator you should always think of expanding your venture. 

How Muvi Helps You

Muvi makes this process a whole lot easier. To start your video/audio streaming channel using Muvi, you would need zero programming experience. When you work with Muvi you get a plethora of advantages from its features, some are:

1. Tighter Security- It’s undeniable that a reputable online video platform has tight security features like access control, encrypted streaming, watermarking, password protection, DRM, domain control, etc. that shield your private content from hackers’ prying eyes.

Muvi has robust security measures and Studio Approved DRM that enables it to defend your platform, media assets, and users against a variety of security risks.

2. Branding and Customization – YouTube won’t provide you the adjustments you want or improve your brand name. The incorporation of a customizable video player, enables you to use unique branding and colors, into a video streaming website or app, in contrast, would highlight your brand name and promote your company.

3. Monetization – For a content producer, video monetization is one of the most crucial elements. Professional video platforms offer a variety of ways to monetize their content, including PPV, advertising, and subscriptions.

Although it might sound new to an individual content creator, many big enterprises have seen a significant rise in their business after stepping into this. So don’t fall apart and be a first-mover.
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