Your Guide to Choosing the Best Pallet Wrap for Your Business

Pallet wraps are one of the most effective ways to secure goods on a pallet for storage and transportation purposes. 

Widely used by businesses, pallet wrapping can not only protect your goods from damage during transit but also prevent tampering and theft. Regardless, when it comes to stretch wraps, it becomes essential to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Picking the wrong wrapping for your products will not do a very good job of protecting your goods and lead to unnecessary loss.

Therefore, when you need to package and ship merchandise, products, and other freight, the right pallet wrap is essential. However, choosing the best pallet wrap for business may seem daunting if you aren’t aware of its intricacies. 

That’s why, to make the process easier, we bring you the top five things to keep in mind while making your selection for the Best Pallet Wrap.

1. Why You Need It

Now when it comes to pallet wraps, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you need it for. More precisely, what type of boxes or containers do you need them for?

Are your products securely packed into even, square or rectangular boxes or are they packed into irregular shapes? This will help you determine what type of pallet wrap you need.

For example, if you’ve got regular square-shaped boxes, then using a standard pallet wrap that nicely holds your pallet together is enough. However, if your packaging is uneven, then you might need more stretchable wraps with great strength, thickness and tear resistance. This will protect your pallet wrap from being compromised by uneven edges and corners.

2. Manual or Machine

Now, this boils down to whether or not you have a pallet-wrapping machine. Pallet wraps are found in two types, one is made for manual, hand-wrapping and the other, well, you guessed it, automatic machine wrapping.

While this doesn’t make much or any difference in the material of the stretch wrap but more with the way is it packed and handled. Hence, you need to make sure that you choose the right pallet wrap based on your pallet wrapping resources. 

Moreover, if your business requires pallet-wrapping goods on a pallet on regular basis, we suggest you get a pallet-wrapping machine to enhance your efficiency. However, if you don’t use it regularly, then a hand-wrapping film should be good enough.

3. Opaque or Transparent

This again has very much to do with preference and sometimes with secrecy. The choice of transparent or opaque pallet wraps depends on your business process.

For example, some businesses mark their cartons with certain codes and warnings that should be visible at all times. In such cases, using a transparent pallet wrap becomes essential. Nevertheless, you need to remember that wrapping too many layers of transparent stretch wraps can make it translucent.

Opaque pallet wraps, on the other hand, are preferred for their ability to prevent anyone on the outside from seeing what’s secured on the pallet. This helps the business maintain secrecy revolving around their products. 

4. The Colours

Pallet wraps are also available in different colours to provide opaqueness and help business colour-code their pallets.

If you own a business that deals in products and goods of a greater variety, then using coloured pallet wraps can help you identify your pallets better. By efficiently colour-coding your goods with coloured wraps, you can make it easier for your employees to allocate, transport and store your pallets. 

5. The Supplier

Finally coming down to the more intangible aspects of choosing the best pallet wrap for your business, we talk about the supplier. 

Ordering your pallet wraps from the right supplier can make all the difference. By choosing one of the leading suppliers of packaging materials like Bonus Trading, you ensure that you get the best customer service. 

Moreover, you also need to make sure that you are getting the best quality, affordable prices, and reliable customer care along with fast and free delivery. 


Now that you know all about choosing the best pallet wraps for your business, you can go right ahead and find the perfect one for you.

By following these tips to the T, you can rest assured that you are getting the best packaging material to protect your goods during storage and transit.

This can not only save you a lot of money and also make the entire exercise of packing, storing and transporting your goods easier.

We hope this article helped you understand pallet wraps better and that you found what you were looking for. Thanks for reading!