You want to participate in the strong booming future market of cannabis? Then you should know about Cannerald!

Three individuals: Sascha Wäschle, Levin Amweg, and Severin Amweg, founded the Swiss Company. Their goal with Cannerald was quite clear from the beginning: to make CBD products more accessible in Switzerland and Europe. The THC content of the products does not exceed 1%, which abides by the Swiss legal guidelines regarding the cultivation of cannabis. The company’s high-tech State-of-the-Art-Facility is located just 30 minutes by car from the Swiss capital of Bern. With more than 5000 square meters, it creates optimal conditions for each plant. The Swiss company also supplies the workforce, thus ensuring to meet all quality standards when growing cannabis.

Cannerald not only manufactures its products but also offers everyone the opportunity to become a part of the CannerGrow community and what it stands for. Indeed, we can expect that the demand for CBD products will continue to grow throughout Europe. Especially in countries where the use of cannabis containing THC is prohibited, such as Germany, it is possible to sell CBD products as long as the THC value is below 0.2%. In many other European countries such as Spain, the decriminalization of such products containing THC has already taken place.

In Germany, for example, you can consume medical cannabis with THC on prescription. Of these, over 100,000 are prescribed annually in Germany alone. The demand for cannabis for medical purposes will thus continue to grow in the future, as the world’s oldest plant, known to cure many diseases.

Regarding private consumers, the company focuses primarily on the production of premium CBD but is also developing its own recreational CBD products such as high-quality CBD oils, water-soluble CBD oral-spray, CBD gummies and much more innovative products to come!

And how can you, as an individual, benefit from this? Cannerald is focusing on the production and processing of cannabis plants and offering each person the option to purchase one or more cannabis plants themselves. As an owner, the Cannerald team harvests your cannabis plant(s) every two to three months once your Grow-Room is ready, and you can either let the harvest deliver to yourself or sell it to the company. You can register for free on the company’s website and buy a cannabis plant through your bank or using Bitcoin.

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