You Are Not Alone Anymore When Wishes Swishes Stands Beside You As A Well-Wisher

Around the world, thousands of enterprises are opening, but only a few of them are beneficial to everyday society. Lisa Gordon altered reality and created a unique enterprise that the world hadn’t seen before. Yes, it is true because this business aims to serve humanity by granting its aspirations. Wishes Swishes wants to promote joy and glee so that all can be continuously joyful.

Lisa Gordon, the CEO of Wishes Swishes, is an African American woman with a master’s degree in science, and a creative mind who thinks outside the box. Her wide outlook on life and the pursuit of happiness led to the opening of her for-profit Wishes Swishes LLC and her non-profit Wishes Swishes Grants and Scholarships.  Lisa developed this unique concept to bridge the gap for those people who couldn’t quite articulate their wants or dreams because of their lack of experience or their limited incomes and demanding lifestyles.

Be Kind Whenever Possible With Wishes Swishes

Everyone is welcomed at Wishes Swishes, men or women, boys and girls, high school to college students, and of course brides and grooms. Thanks to Wishes Swishes everyone can finally get their dream wishes. Wishes Swishes strives hard to fulfill everyone’s wishes, whether they want to travel the world, get a car, or just have a Spa Day. By expressing your desires on the Wishes Swishes platform, it is simple to get the gifts of your dreams for your important events and celebrations.

Hard Work Always Pays Off

Due to its exclusive origin, the business boom has altered thousands of lives. Wishes Swishes was invited by Business RadioX to speak on air Live to explain the goals and objectives of the organization. Wishes Swishes was also chosen by the Rocket Companies to take part in their 2022 Rocket Challenge. Wishes Swishes placed #4 out of 274 businesses and quickly gained notoriety, which transformed the attitude of this company and positioned it onto a major platform. Wishes Swishes was also nominated and chosen as a Finalist for a 2022 Pay It Forward Moxie Award.

This incredible and original business was created primarily for emotional reasons. Lisa Gordon is a good-hearted person who enjoys spreading joy and making others smile. She will stop at nothing to make others happy. After her sisters’ death she was granted custody of her autistic twin nieces, whose wishes and aspirations were sometimes difficult to understand. Lisa Gordon’s sense of helplessness inspired her to take significant action to aid those who are inaudible with explaining their hopes and aspirations. To effectively change the narrative for her twin nieces, she formed this company in America after leaving her job and her husband behind in Saudi Arabia. It’s a form of collective giving to those you love, those in need, those perhaps underprivileged.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Without outside assistance and funding, Lisa Gordon found it challenging to grow Wishes Swishes and Wishes Swishes Grants and Scholarships. She continued to struggle and use social media to her advantage. Periodically, she acquired organic followers that she then turned into potential clients. Running the for-profit and the non-profit of Wishes Swishes has been challenging, but Lisa continues to put countless lives on the path to happiness. Wishes Swishes not only coordinates the gifting, it also offers grants and scholarships to deserving Wishers who may be without family or friends to help them through tough times. Wishes Swishes goal now is to make a name for itself, by gaining notoriety and more exposure in the spotlight.

It makes no difference where you are from, where you reside, or what cast you are in. Wishes Swishes unites all of mankind on a single platform so that everyone can take part and contribute in any way they see fit to make others happy.

Get What You Deserve

You just have to post your Wish on the Wishes Swishes website, Share it with Friends and Family making them aware and wait for your wish to come true. Your wish will be shared by the organization with thousands of others along with your friends and family. In the end, once the contribution is finished you will receive your dream gift.

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