Yoga of Immortals: Sleeping Peacefully Every Night Is Possible

Few things may be as frustrating as insomnia. You know that you must sleep – it is a biological imperative. Even so, the seconds tick by, you stare at the ceiling, and your eyes refuse to close. It is a condition that afflicts up to 30% of the worldwide population. Irregular sleep schedules and poor sleeping habits are often culprits, but many still find no relief when those factors are addressed. That leaves anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders, all of which are harder to treat so that you can sleep properly. The answer lies in quieting your mind and bringing inner peace to your body, says Ishan Shivanand, the Founder of Yoga of Immortals (YOI). The meditative, cognitive, mind-oriented approach YOI employs is helping millions around the world to experience a good night’s sleep once more.

What Is YOI?

YOI is a comprehensive mind-body program created by Ishan, who is both a monk and an expert in cognitive therapy. Backed by YOI’s panel of physicians, Ishan designed a structured intervention that can be accessed from any mobile device and that guides the user through techniques that promote integrative physical, emotional, and mental health. The techniques are grounded in Vedic healing modalities that restore balance and harmony to the practitioner. YOI utilizes a dynamic protocol that evolves alongside the practitioner, who benefits from the unique mix of Eastern and Western cultures and knowledge.

Why Is YOI Able to Help Those With Insomnia?

“The reason YOI is so effective is because it goes beyond yoga as just a physical exercise, instead focusing on self-transformative meditative protocols that ease the mind, allowing it to relax and experience lasting change,” Ishan says. “Individuals who consistently practice YOI for only fifteen minutes a day will notice deep results, including uplifted abilities and an unlimited potential. Certainly they will be able to sleep through the night and wake feeling rested, a claim we verified through a scientific study we conducted during the pandemic.”

What Is the Scientific Evidence Behind YOI?

When COVID entered the world stage, Ishan was concerned by the spike in depression and anxiety suffered by people around the globe, which corresponded with more cases of insomnia. “With so many people at home because of lockdowns, we knew there needed to be a flexible, home-based intervention that could improve mental health and, correspondingly, a person’s ability to sleep well,” Ishan says. “We decided to conduct a study of 1,505 participants for eight weeks to show that YOI was the solution.”

At the end of the study, the results showed that by practicing YOI, participants with severe insomnia had enjoyed a 80% decrease in their symptoms and were again sleeping normally. 

“Can you imagine the relief that they felt?” Ishan asks. “The world itself hadn’t changed. Economies were still struggling, and we were still waiting to see what would happen with the coronavirus and its effects on the world. Even so, people were experiencing more peace and were able to sleep well, all because they were practicing YOI.”

Who Is Ishan Shivanand?

As a monk, Ishan Shivanand spent twenty years training in the Vedic modalities that are the basis for YOI. Feeling a deep desire to help more people experience the deepest states of relaxation, peace, and mindfulness, he has traveled across five continents, teaching millions how to practice YOI and flush out accumulated mental, emotional, and etheric debris. Through YOI, individuals make peace with their past, release unpleasant memories, and overcome self-imposed limitations.

What Can Insomnia Sufferers Now Look Forward to with YOI?

Sleeping well, Ishan believes, is anyone’s right as a human being. “With YOI, the ability to close your eyes and wake up energetic and rested is yours no matter how long you have had insomnia,” he says. “If you commit yourself to practicing the modalities and are consistent, your bed is going to become your best friend, not your enemy.”

Through the scientifically-backed meditation techniques taught by Ishan Shivanand and Yoga of Immortals, millions are finding relief from anxiety, anger, addictions, and other issues. For more information on how YOI can help you find your own peace, please contact him at [email protected] or visit:

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