Writing Emails that Get a Response

Most salespeople find it difficult to write emails that grab the attention of the reader and result in new business, whether from existing customers or new customers. We all receive hundreds of emails daily. Personally, I scan through the subject lines to see what is pertinent to me, and there have been times when I’ve hit the delete key too soon.Your subject line will determine if your email will be read. We all tend to spend time crafting the message, yet we hastily write a subject line and hope it gets opened. Write the subject line to show value in your message, keep it simple and to the point – don’t try to use “fluff” – in most cases, it doesn’t work. Just as important is your first sentence – it needs to be enticing so they will continue to read your message. Remember, we all scan through the message and if we don’t capture their attention at the start, chances are they’ll move on to read another message.  .

Make it personal.

Your message should sound like it was written for the recipient and not hundreds of people. Keep the message casual and friendly as if you’re talking to them in person. You want the reader to feel comfortable with you and take the initiative to inquire for more information.  While you can use the same email format and message, make sure to put a personal touch to it. Use their first name, include information about their industry such as trends and strategies so they know you are an expert in their field.

Keep it short and to the point.

We all tend to want to “overkill” with information rather than get the prospect to contact us for more information. Remember, you want them to respond. At that time, you can elaborate on your offer.

A prospect will answer 5 questions before becoming overwhelmed. Make those questions count. You want to get information on their business but, most importantly, create a picture in the mind of the prospect on what you can do for them to increase their business ROI. Don’t ask yes or no questions – ask questions that will prompt the prospect to give you more information and engage with you. Close with a question as well such as “What would be a convenient time for me to contact you in the next couple of days” or what email address would you like me to send more information – many people have multiple email addresses and segment out the information they receive.

Barb Ferrigno
Concept Marketing GroupWe are passionate about our marketing. We’ve seen it all in our 45 years – companies come and go but the businesses that are consistent, steady and have a goal are the companies that succeed. We work with you to keep you on track, change with new technologies and business strategies and, most importantly, help you to succeed. It’s not always easy, and it’s a lot of hard work but the rewards are well worth the effort.