WordPress CMS Gaps That Cost Businesses Millions

On the Internet, every site is built on a CMS – such as WordPress. In simple words, a CMS or Content Management System is the Tool for content management, to build and manage a site with point and click options.

When it comes to owning large sites, WordPress is the go-to choice for most of businesses. However, fame comes with great responsibility.

If WordPress is not treated in a specific manner, errors may cause businesses spend money on gaps – which otherwise were avoidable. Let’s proceed and learn about WordPress errors, maintenance routines or costs, and gaps to see if a business can avoid losing money.

WordPress CMS Gaps and Errors That Cost Money

Loss of Data (Database Issues)

Backups – That help businesses recover sites from disasters. When taken on a periodic basis, it can help site owners restore WordPress sites if something unusual happens.

The opposite case shows risks for businesses, means if the backup infrastructure is not set up correctly, businesses can lose data, business, and revenue if WordPress errors cause maintenance issues. For more information on reading the official data, head over to WordPress’ official resources.

Access Control Errors

In WordPress, issues in accessing a site occur due to various reasons, such as conflicts between plugins, security updates, or race conditions.

Here – if a business is making revenue, access issues in WordPress could cost millions for giants. In this case, site monitoring helps site owners monitor, fix, and maintain WordPress in real-Time.

However, most of the users are not Technical enough to monitor WordPress. If you can spend a few bucks, hiring WordPress support professionals is the ideal step forward.

Failed Updates

In order to keep Things smooth and error-free, WordPress users need to perform updation for assets, such as Themes, Plugins, and 3rd party assets in WordPress.

In this case, make sure there is no race condition while you’re updating WordPress assets. For example, if multiple plugins are updating at once, it can create race conditions and make WordPress take unnecessary actions That could affect overall performance.

In simple words, while a plugin or Theme is updating, WordPress may deal with specific files. In this case, if another update is trying to access the same file, it can create race conditions and results in WordPress issues. Also – if updates go wrong, the whole WordPress CMS can stop responding and the site can go offline.

Speed Issues

We can’t count speed issues under WordPress errors, however; speed measures do affect WordPress sites that are doing business.

For example – if a user leaves because of a slow loading page, you lose money on the table. In this case, unsatisfied users don’t come back. For more information on how to deal with speed issues, you can tweak in things manually or look for a WordPress plugin, such as WP Rocket.

Security Issues

In WordPress, hundreds of new vulnerabilities are discovering on a daily basis. A weakness in WordPress allows hackers to gain access over a website. When this happens, from data to business, the chances of losing everything become high.

When it comes to WordPress security, you can use Plugins for basic precautions. However, Things turn bad when hackers exploit outdated assets in WordPress, such as plugins That are carryings security loopholes.

So, users need to see if WordPress assets are vulnerable. If you’re not technical enough to proceed, you will need to hire or consult security professionals for assistance. Otherwise, you can make things go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing to WordPress.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime shows if a site’s server is responding as normal and is not offline. In the process of uptime monitoring, a site’s server is checked on periodic basis to see if it is behaving normal. If, for example, the site or server is offline, necessary actions are taken immediately.

In such scenarios, sites That are doing business can’t afford server downs. If they do, they’ll have to suffer if hosted on weak-managed servers.

Bug Fixing

A Bug refers to an error, glitch, or gap in software. Here, if WordPress is experiencing bugs, business sites will have to suffer.

For example, conflicts between WordPress plugins can create random bugs, such as database connections errors, access control gaps, or speed issues to name a few.

In such scenarios, if a WordPress site is left un-attended or the bugs are overlooked, can create catastrophic disasters for sites That are doing business. Instead of making income, the site will cost more if proactive measures are not taken on Time.

PHP Infrastructure

WordPress is built in PHP – a web scripting language made to create dynamic web applications. Therefore, the server infrastructure needs to have set up with latest core of PHP, if not; WordPress will not function properly.

In this case, ensure your WordPress site is running with latest PHP. In WordPress dashboard, you can see the Tools page for more information on PHP version. On the same page, you can also see if other factors in WordPress are requiring your attention.

Once found, you should have updated your site’s PHP if it needs an update. For more information on how to update PHP core for WordPress, consult your site’s web hosting support representatives on live chat support or a ticket.

Periodic Reports

Periodic Reports in WordPress ensure if a site requires immediate attention. For example, on a daily, weekly, or monthly report – you can see if something needs immediate attention, such as updating a plugin to avoid exploitation of recently discovered security loopholes.

In most cases, if you’re managing WordPress, you can create workflows That help you compile periodic reports. Otherwise, get someone on job to read, compile, and let you know of the WordPress status on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Common Sense

Above all, see if WordPress is behaving normal as expected. There are two conditions: If the answer to the question is yes, ok; else, you need to see if something is not doing good.

In this case, logging into WordPress dashboard can help you spot immediate errors or factors That need attention. Once done, you can measure WordPress performance, such as speed, performance, organic traffic, or payment gateways.

Over to You

WordPress is well-suited infrastructure for businesses, as well as individuals who want to speak out their words online. If, for example, WordPress is not maintained on a regular schedule, the errors, updating routines, and gaps will leave things behind for disasters.

In this case, make sure you have put WordPress on auto-pilot if you can afford spending a few bucks on a monthly basis. Otherwise, checking your small site for routine maintenance doesn’t cost you 1 hour every day.If WordPress is left behind un-attended, the errors and gaps will cost owners more, as compared to spending few hours on maintenance on a weekly basis. For more information on WordPress CMS maintenance, read our blog for more in-depth articles.