Wireless Microphone Systems – How to Choose the Right One For Your Needs

Wireless Microphone Systems are advantageous in a variety of applications. At times a full, integrated sound system may not be required, or may simply be unrealistic on a cost basis. It is important to consider the scope of your message and what resources will be needed to carry it effectively to your audience. Wireless options allow for flexibility in movement, layout, and activity while offering professional sound quality. They often allow for a smaller footprint and easier portability and storage between uses. Video microphone wireless are often used in instruction, acting, and, musical performances, as well as seminars and promotional demonstrations.

Types of Wireless Microphones

Some microphone wireless system are handheld. The transmitter is built into the body of the microphone in these designs. With the flip of a switch, these mics can be activated or deactivated, providing for high ease of use. Such microphones offer some amplification for use with a small crowd. Many singers use this type of microphone when performing for small audiences. This type of microphone offers the ability to move around without being tethered to a base, but may also be used with standard microphone stands. 

It further offers the option of moving the lavalier microphone wireless closer to or further from the mouth or sound source to allow for private conversation during a presentation. Lastly, this sort of device is ideal for audience participation, as the microphone can be passed around to different participants easily to facilitate question and answer sessions.

Another option is a bodypack transmitter with a dual microphone wireless. Transmitters are usually clipped in proximity to the microphone, in an area such as on the user’s belt or a pocket. These devices come in a variety of styles and compact sizes. Choices of accompanying mic include headband style, over-the-ear style, or a microphone that attaches to your lapel or collar. 

The headband style is often used in active presentations, such as performances and athletic classes which require a great deal of movement. A lapel or collar-style microphone is often used by lecturers or actors. This is a far less obtrusive and less noticeable option, which allows audience members to focus on the message rather than the sound system gear.

The bodypack transmitter-style microphone wireless system is designed for a hands-free presentation. This allows the presenter the freedom to use more options in delivering their message, like whiteboards, pointers, and props to enhance the presentation. For example, if you are demonstrating a process or product and you are constantly straining your vocal cords to be heard, a hands-free transmitter/microphone might be ideal. To provide amplification to the sound from a musical instrument, some musicians attach a bodypack transmitter directly to their instrument. This can enhance an acoustic instrument’s sound without taking on an electronic aspect as an electric guitar or synthesizer might provide.

Where to Purchase your Wireless Microphone

Dual wireless lavalier microphone for different devices is widely available at retail sound dealers, often at reasonable costs. Many of these retailers do not carry professional portable sound systems and are not familiar with higher-quality sound delivery products. For those in need of amplification without concern for the quality of delivery, these stores offer reasonable options. Examples include small, informal gatherings, children’s presentations, or private parties. 

However, it is advantageous to consult with a reputable professional who specializes in the sound system business for professional presentations and activities. Reputable dealers can be found through a trusted friend’s referral or an internet search. Clarity of sound and amplification are equally important when purchasing mini microphone wireless system as they are when exploring a full professional sound system. 

A professional sound dealer will be able to note the differences between the models, the transmitter types, and the microphone options available, to deliver the system which will allow you to deliver your presentation material optimally.

With the wide availability of wireless sound delivery options and reasonable costs, straining your voice is not a necessary part of carrying your message. Be heard clearly and easily with a wireless microphone system from a professional sound dealer today.

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