Winter Holidays in Armenia

On the one hand, Armenia is a mountainous country and not all sites are accessible in winter, on the other hand, winter holidays in Armenia are primarily associated only with the Tsaghkadzor ski resort. Many people do just that, they just directly book a hotel in Tsakhkadzor and come for an active ski vacation. But as our practice shows, even on the way to the resort from Yerevan, there is an idea to take at least a few tours, well, at least go to the winter Sevan, and walk around Yerevan for a day.

Take a car rental in Yerevan, Armenia and go to a holiday in the ski resort of Tsaghkadzor. The highlights of the program are skiing in Tsakhkadzor and khash, a real winter, primordially Armenian dish that is eaten instead of or before breakfast with a special ritualized ceremony. But for those who have other winter holiday preferences, we have developed a range of winter tours in Armenia. We have planned a perfect plan to spend an unforgettable vacation in one of the most incredible places in the entire world. So let’s get started.

Day 1. You will land at the Zvartnots airport and then transfer to your hotel in Yerevan.

Time for registration and for a little rest, take shower or however you do for your complete rest. Then don’t forget to exchange currency on request. After all these things you do in the hotel, wear warm clothes and go for an evening walk in the center of Yerevan: the Cascade architectural complex, the Cafesjian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Opera House, along Northern Avenue to the Republic Square. After the walk, welcome dinner with a folklore program (Folk Song and Dance Ensemble – Yerevan) in one of the most favorite restaurants in the capital – “Yerevan Tavern”. Return to the hotel.

Day 2. Have your breakfast in the hotel, then take a departure for the tours. 

  • Tour to Matenadaran: museum-institute of ancient Armenian manuscripts, one of the largest manuscript repositories in the world.
  • Tour to Holy Etchmiadzin: The spiritual center of Armenia and the residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians – the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The city is only 20 km away from Yerevan.

After taking these tours , have your lunch at the Agape national cuisine restaurant, which is located on the territory of Holy Etchmiadzin in a 17th century building and is one of the ancient restaurants in the region.  After lunch you can visit the Cathedral built in the 4th century, the treasury museum of Etchmiadzin, where many holy relics are kept, including the Spear of Longinus. Don’t forget to visit the ruins of Zvartnots – the greatest temple of early medieval Armenian architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then return to Yerevan and free evening.

Day 3. Breakfast in the hotel. Departure for the tour. First stop – Khor Virap Monastery, from where one of the most wonderful views of the biblical Mount Ararat opens. Then lunch at the national cuisine restaurant Lebanon, where they cook according to the recipes of the cuisine of Western Armenia. Visit to the Ararat brandy factory for an excursion and subsequent tasting of several types of brandy. Return to the hotel, free evening.

Day 4. Have your breakfast in the hotel. Then you can already check-out from the hotel and depart for the tour. There is a wonderful place for the photo stop in the background of Ararat near Charents Arch. Tour to the Geghard Rock Monastery – a fantastic example of medieval Armenian architecture (XII-XIII centuries), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tour to the pagan temple of Garni – the only monument restored in the territory of Armenia, dating back to the era of paganism and Hellenism. Have your lunch in the village of Garni in a rural house, participate in the baking of Armenian lavash bread. Departure to the ski resort Tsaghkadzor. Check-in time at the hotel, and have a snowy free evening.

Day 5. Breakfast in the hotel. You have two full days to rest in the ski resort of Tsaghkadzor. There you can rent a snowboard, skis and even use the service of an instructor. Comfortable mini buses will take you from the hotel to the cable car free of charge. You can also try the promised hash here.

Day 6. Breakfast in the hotel. Rest in the ski resort Tsaghkadzor. Eat perfect out of the city foods and enjoy mountain views. 

This will be a short but unforgettable trip. If you happen to be here for a long-term, check out a month or more rental options at Enterprise and enjoy your stay in Armenia…