Will Floersheimer: Volunteers Are an Amazing Resource for The Lord’s Place Joshua Thrift Store

Volunteers have always been an integral part of non-profit organizations, which usually face several challenges in securing the necessary resources to conduct their important work. Oftentimes, volunteers help ensure that initiatives created by non-profit organizations remain sustainable in the long term. The same is true at The Lord’s Place Joshua Thrift Stores. An extension of non-profit organization The Lord’s Place, the Joshua Thrift Stores operate entirely off of donated items, which are then sold to raise funds for the operation. Also, the stores are staffed with individuals who oftentimes face barriers to employment as part of accomplishing the greater goals of The Lord’s Place.

Volunteers at The Lord’s Place Joshua Thrift Stores assist employees who oftentimes have had no prior experience by teaching them basic job skills. One such volunteer is Will Floersheimer. In his capacity as a volunteer, Will works with people from all sorts of backgrounds to help them prepare for their roles at the store. Whether this means assisting with collection, processing new items that are donated to the store, or working with customers to complete sales of the items, Will continually steps up to the plate and demonstrates care and professionalism. He also assists with other tasks, including pricing the items and arranging them on the floor.

Part of the activities conducted at The Lord’s Place Joshua Thrift Stores is a weekly auction, which is conducted every Monday via their Facebook page. This event allows for the promotion of sales, which, in turn, helps to continue funding the great work done by The Lord’s Place. However, it also offers the chance for new community members to learn about the organization and the donation sites for the thrift stores, as well as discover the current volunteer opportunities available.

After expressing interest, Will Floersheimer was invited to participate in the auction event. Not only did he assist with basic preparations, but Will also stood front and center for the the hour-long fundraiser. During that time, he showcased each item up for auction with enthusiasm and joy, all while supporting his favorite non-profit organization. This excitement was reflected by the other members of the fundraising team, as well as those watching from home and bidding on the items, making it a truly successful event. When asked about the event afterward, Will Floersheimer replied that “The West Palm Beach area is near and dear to my heart and have always considered it to be a second home. It is devastating to witness the severe homelessness issue that is rampant in the area and I am so excited to try and help combat this very serious issue in any way I can. This is an empowering organization which benefits so many individuals and truly has an impact on the community for which I care so deeply.”

Volunteers like Will Floersheimer help make events like these possible because they believe in the work. The thrift stores, while invaluable to the cause, are merely one component of The Lord’s Place, a non-profit organization that was created to help combat homelessness in Southern Florida. People experiencing homelessness often face insurmountable challenges. Many of the paths that would lead them towards stable housing and employment are blocked by barriers that prevent them access, trapping them in their present state. That’s where The Lord’s Place comes in.

In addition to providing employment opportunities via the Joshua Thrift Stores, The Lord’s Place serves the population of Southern Florida in several other ways, starting from the ground up. This includes focusing on outreach and building relationships with those who are currently living on the streets, and connecting them with basic resources. Once that relationship has been effectively established, the team can start connecting those individuals with more specialized services. These include youth services and healthcare, job coaching, and ultimately providing access to safe, affordable housing. In addition to working with those experiencing homelessness, The Lord’s Place also provides reentry services designed to help those looking ahead towards life after incarceration, both pre-release and post-release. Volunteers make it so that The Lord’s Place can continue providing these services and empowering those most in need.