While the majority of the data handlers can analyze conceptual or logical data modeling, the battle stems from finding the right match who can collect, prepare, cleanse, and organize data and model the same to amplify profits. This data science skill gap is the real challenge faced by corporates of all sizes to optimize business decisions. That is the very reason why enterprises nowadays vouch for data science professionals who possess the best data science education; to save on resources and time, they otherwise spend on inefficient personnel.

According to a survey, 75% of data science professionals who have graduated with a certification in the US reported an improvement in their career trajectory, in the form of a new job, promotion, or raise, within a span of a few months of completion of their certificate. Big Data, concerning the huge datasets, gathered from numerous data sources is growing at an alarming rate. The conventional tools deployed to manage such massive numbers are incompatible and deserve an upgrade in all respects. Also, as per recent statistics, the Big Data analytics market is set to reach $103 billion by next year and the world will generate 181ZB of data by 2025 as per predictions.

Certified Data Scientists have been deemed the best-suited professionals for handling such humungous data. They are the ones who are backed by the best data science certifications to help organizations, big as well as small, reach their target growth in time. These globally recognized credentials have become a prerequisite in today’s times to scale your data science career.

There are many skeptics around the notion- Are Data Science Certifications worth it?

With massive digital transformation and cloud data migration being imperative, the talent required to drive such processes is scarce. Don’t you think organizations, serving us with automated and well-in-time resolutions and service, deserve a talented data science fraternity to assist in their business decisions well? While data science talent aids the facilitation of project transformation, with the best technologies and tools in place, automation helps in reducing time and resources for business processes as well. This is why these credentials set your resume apart at a higher pedestal from the rest; when it comes to recruitment. Earning the best Data Science certification from the global leaders in the industry makes an evident difference.

There are certain key points to keep in mind while deciding on the appropriateness ofdata science certifications:

  • Look into the skills you’d learn in the program and question whether they’d help in building your career path
  • Compare many certifications and go for the one that suits your budget and is worth your investment
  • Check for the qualifications required to enroll in the program
  • Also, check for the duration of the certification, and are you ready to invest or spare that much time for it
  • Are you comfortable taking online or onsite certifications?
  • Look into the program ratings and reviews of the certification that you plan to dive into, as credibility is a must

Today, various job listings on Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn showcasing numerous jobs for data scientists demand a credible data science certification as the prerequisite. Listed below are the3Best Data Science Certifications to enable you with the most in-demand data science skills:

  1. Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Google offers this flexible online course that equips participants for entry-level data analytics positions. It calls for no prior work experience and is a self-paced certification, that comes for $39 monthly (via Coursera).

2. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM comes with a professional certification that encompasses machine learning and data science skills and requires no previous experience in the field, to begin with. It is a hands-on practice with real data science tools and real-world data sets for beginners.

3. Certified Senior Data Scientist Certification (CSDS™) from USDSI™

USDSI™is committed tostrengthening your data science career with the most relevant market-specific data science skills from the globally renowned virtual CSDScertification. This self-paced certification, which comes with a lifetime digital badge, is ranked among the top certifications, to don in your armor as an experienced data science professional. It ensures that you advance to a better salary package as well as a meatier role. This course requires five years of experience, with no requirement for prior expertise in programming skills. The entire package inclusive of online study material is vetted by industry experts and the perks of the program come at a nominal fee of $752 annually (all inclusive).

Data science jobs are going to hit their record high at 28% in the year 2026; as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Therefore, earning the best data science certification from the premier names in the global market is the key.

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