Why Travel To DR

Occupying 48,482 square kilometers and making up the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, Christopher Columbus described the Dominican Republic as the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen. I agree and this fact is further proven by the number of people visiting the country each year. Millions of tourists are in love with the DR and visit it each year, while millions more have it on their travel lists. 

If you have already been even once to this awesome country, you probably don’t need to read through this article, unless you want to hark back to your time here. But for those of you who still haven’t found the time to visit here, here are some luring reasons to book your air tickets today, or at least start planning the holiday to this tourist haven. Learn more about travel and leisure by clicking here goto new direct.

Travelers say that the beaches in DR are among the most magical in the world. White and sandy, they make for perfect romantic getaways. If romance is not your thing, visit towns that boast of water sports and other beach activities. You can find several accommodation options right on the beaches for your convenience. Many families prefer to book themselves into beachfront resorts to get the best of both worlds. Plus, nobody can beat Dominican hospitality. 

The people are extremely warm and friendly to foreigners. With immigrants from all over the world, most visitors feel right at home the minute they enter the country. The diversity in ethnicities and cultures gives the country its unique feel and charm. You can find many multi-cuisine restaurants here, serving everything from continental to local food. This is also a good country to holiday in for fussy eaters. 

Most places have restaurants that cater to people from all over the world and hence have everything from pure vegetarian Indian food to local Vietnamese dishes. If you are from a first-world country, you are going just to fall in love with DR. The architecture you see here, the tropical climate, and the diversity in people, food, and even fruits is amazing. Every villa you pass on the way from your airport to your hotel will look different from the next. 

If one looks like a house in Spain, the other looks like a futuristically designed celebrity villa. The tropical climate is great to take off those clothes and sunbathe for hours. The palm trees and the sandy beaches help you relax and enjoy your days here, while the warmth of the people and great food makes you feel right at home. The fruits such as granadillas and guayaberas are so alien to us that it is a whole new experience to taste them.

There is much to see in the DR, so make sure you plan a long trip. You will need at least a couple of weeks if you wish to enjoy the pleasure of this country to its fullest. In addition to the natural beauty set in mountains, rivers, countryside, and beaches of the country, it houses many good museums and cultural centers for the history and culture lover. It is one of the favorite destinations for golfers too. With its top-class golf courses and easy connectivity to other parts of the world, it is a quick flight away for most. Most airlines that fly to the DR offer economic airfares from time to time. You must take the time to find good deals to make your holiday not only special but also economical. After all, you can then use the saved money to party or shop here.

Some so many annual vacationers are so in love with this destination that they have bought Dominican Republic real estate. Many use villas or condos as vacation homes, while others give them out for rent to other vacationers to make some extra money on the side. For more information, kindly visit this dedicated website: iday adventures.