Why the Trend of Vacation Cabin Rentals Becoming Popular

When planning your next vacation, consider using a cabin rental. The benefits of renting a vacation home over a hotel room are obvious. They have additional rooms, cooking facilities, personalized services, privacy, and a lot more.

Let’s explore the factors contributing to the growing popularity of vacation cabin rentals.

1.     It feels like Home

The best aspect is that you can sleep and awaken whenever you desire. You are welcome to take it easy – like your secondary residence, go sightseeing, and come home anytime you choose. In a cozy setting, you can rest and recover if you’re feeling a little unwell.

2.   You get Private Assistance

The cabin rental offers customized service. You can enjoy celebrations keeping them personal. For instance, owners of vacation rentals can set up catered meals, yoga classes, or even massage therapy.

3.   You enjoy more Privacy

Unlike hotels, vacation cabin rentals make it possible for you to have a private area in which you can enjoy time with your family. You don’t have to constantly pass through the lobby; you can return to your location privately. Whereas hotels can become crowded and noisy as other visitors fight for space. You don’t have to tell the other hotel guests about your travel experiences. Thus, this is just another fantastic perk of vacation rentals.

4.  Home Cooking is an Option

A rental cabin is cheaper in comparison to paying for all your meals out each day. The biggest benefit of choosing a cabin rental for vacation is the ability to prepare meals at home without any hustle. Shopping in neighborhood markets is enjoyable, and it’s even more enjoyable to use your trip funds to see the sites rather than eat out. This is regarded as the most significant way to cut costs.

5. You have Plenty of Room

There are various places in a vacation rental to enjoy: unwind at the kitchen table while having a fantastic discussion, watch some home videos with the entire family within the living area, and play some games with the little ones. Whereas only several square feet of unoccupied space and a desk are provided in hotel rooms for your use. It is more likely that you will appreciate your time with your family in a living room than in a cramped hotel room.

6.  Vacation Cabin Rentals are available everywhere

Hotels are typically built near major thoroughfares and on side roads. Make your research a priority before looking for a vacation rental. You might want to try looking out for it online or asking relatives or friends for ideas. You might be pleasantly surprised by the hidden treasures you uncover.

Hotels are frequently found in densely crowded locations with scant to no space for scenic surroundings. A cabin rental gives you a stunning panorama of the mountains and the opportunity to glimpse the stars clearly in the night sky.

7.  Cabin rentals are Cost-Effective

More money will be spent on a hotel room than a home. Therefore, renting a cabin so that you can remain there and enjoy a nice holiday with your family and the ones you love is preferable.

If you want to rent a cabin for a reasonable price, fun cabin rentals are indeed the perfect choice.

Some Unbelievable Statistics from the Vacation Rental Industry

Some astounding figures that will blow your head and demonstrate exactly how large the vacation rental market actually is:

  1. With a customer penetration rate of 13.1% in 2021, roughly one in every eight persons has stayed in a vacation cabin rental. By 2025, nearly one in five tourists will have stayed in a vacation rental.
  2. A 2016 study found that 64% of respondents cited accessibility to a kitchen as the main factor in their decision to rent a vacation rental. In addition, 49% of respondents stated that they would select a cabin rental if they wanted greater privacy.
  3. During the COVID-19 pandemic, cabin rentals performed significantly better than hotels. Worldwide hotel occupancy at the end of March 2020 was 17.5%, down from 77% (a 77% fall) during the same period in 2019. One-bedroom vacation homes experienced occupancy of 36.4%, down from 66.3% in 2019 (a 45% fall), and homes with two or more bedrooms showed occupancy of 32.6%, down from 60.6% in 2019 (a 46% decline).
  4. Hotels in particular are attempting to enter the vacation cabin rental market. In 2019, Marriott International unveiled Homes & Villas, which began with 2,000 properties. Over 25,000 homes across the globe are a part of the program now.
  5. Visitors to vacation rentals are extending their stays significantly after the pandemic. According to AirDNA, most reservations for vacation rentals made before March 2020 (80%) were for stays of one week or less. Stays under 7 days made up only 30% of all reservations after the outbreak.
  6. Vrbo reports a 25% increase in rental demand for cabins and a 20% increase in demand for chalets. Additionally, according to a survey by Vrbo, 61% of families stated they were more inclined to choose an outdoor adventure destination than a city for their upcoming vacation.
  7. 2020 was a challenging year for tourism altogether, although the average daily rate (ADR) for vacation rentals increased throughout the year. In June 2020, the ADR for vacation rentals reached an all-time high of $202.50.
  8. In the US, the vacation rental market was anticipated to generate $13.3 billion in total income by 2021. The market for cabin rentals will rise by about 10% annually by 2025, which will bring it close to $20 billion. In the upcoming years, the worldwide vacation rental market will expand even more quickly.


Thus, we have discussed all the advantages of vacation cabin rentals along with some statistics to provide a general picture of why the trend of vacation rentals is growing in popularity day by day. Reserve your holiday rental with Catfish Cabins if you’re going on a trip. You can book cabins from the comfort of your home using a variety of online platforms. So, take advantage of vacation rentals, save money, and take your family members and loved ones on a great trip.


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