Why Should You Choose a Laser Marker for Your Business?

For any business involved in manufacturing components or products, there is often a need to mark them. This can be in terms of putting a barcode on a product, a serial number, or even a specific and intricate design such as branding or logo information. Laser and ultraviolet laser markers are commonly used in the car industry and have been for several decades. A key benefit of such devices in this industry is that they can mark on virtually any surface or material without causing any damage or reductions to the structural integrity of the components. It is important to consider that laser markers are not solely used in the automotive industry and can offer significant benefits to a range of other industries. This article explores some reasons for choosing a laser marker for your business in detail.

Cost savings

If your company produces or manufactures a significant volume of components or products that require marking, these costs can mount up. With traditional forms of marking, such as ink marking or the use of other chemicals or materials, there is an associated cost for each marking process undertaken. While this may not be a huge cost per unit, it will quickly mount up when a large volume of items needs to be marked. By using an Ultraviolet laser marker, there are no other raw materials or chemicals required. A laser beam is focused on where the mark needs to be placed and then burns into the area. It should be recognised that every business in 2023 needs to be as cost-efficient as possible to allow them to remain competitive. By eliminating the costs for chemicals or inks from the marking processes, substantial sums of money can be saved over time which allows funds to be directed elsewhere in the business.

Improves eco credentials

All consumers are now fully aware of the dangers posed by climate change, pollution, and global warming. In fact, today’s consumers will often choose companies to purchase from that can demonstrate sound eco-friendly credentials and will avoid those that cause harm to the environment. In short, it is now recognised that companies need to be seen to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. If your company is using inks or chemicals to mark its products or components, these may be hazardous to the environment and may have the potential to pollute or damage the natural world. By using an ultraviolet laser for all your marking tasks, there is no need to purchase additional chemicals or inks that can be hazardous to the environment. Making this can be a simple and effective way to minimise any adverse impacts on the natural world.

Keep on the right side of the law

Ultraviolet lasers are hugely beneficial for any business that needs to mark components or finished products not only from a financial point of view, whether saving money or making it because you are an eco-friendly brand. It is also advantageous from a federal law point of view. As part of manufacturing operation laws, you must ensure you have great traceability set up. You need to be able to easily trace back to when products were produced in case of recalls. All medical manufacturers must mark on their products a unique code that, with the right device, once scanned, will show expiry dates and important codes. Therefore, with a laser marker, you will also be in line with the law.

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