Why Is Solar Pool Heating All The Rage?

Solar pool heating has gradually increased in popularity and has become a highly sought after pool heating system today among the Aussies. If you want to install a solar pool heating system, it is vital to know everything about it before you decide. This blog will reveal the crucial elements of solar pool heaters, which will help you in your decision making.

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Typically, solar collectors are installed on a rooftop to imbibe heat from the sun. Sometimes, a little rack is used and positioned in an area where heavy sunlight is present. Swimming pool water is pumped continually over the solar collectors through small tubes, which returns as heated water to the pool. You’ll notice that your solar heater can raise the temperature of your pool by around 3 to 10 degrees on hot summer days.

Solar Pool Heating – Advantages

  • Solar pool heating is a pure, environmentally-friendly method for heating pool water that uses freely available solar energy to produce heat. It is a very cost-effective method to heat water, helping you save substantially on your monthly electricity bills.
  • Solar pool heating systems demand minimal maintenance with proper use. They will serve you longer for ten years or more, working efficiently without repairs or replacement.
  • Today, solar heating systems come integrated with automated systems that lets you set temperature, schedule the use of your solar pool heater. It helps to minimise energy wastage and help you save on your utility bills.
  • Though the initial cost of setting up a solar pool heating system is expensive, it can save you money in the long run.

Types of Solar Pool Heating Systems

There are different types of solar pool heating systems available, and knowing their differences will help you choose the right one for your needs.

  • Thermal Solar Collectors: Thermal solar panels or solar collectors are generally placed on the rooftop of a house. Thermal solar collectors made from plastic or rubber matting are more economical, but they will work only in warm or sunny climatic conditions. If you live in cooler regions, glazed solar collectors made using tempered glass, copper and aluminium are effective in collecting heat, even in the clouded area but can get costlier.
  • Evacuated Tube Collectors: Evacuated tube collectors are expensive than thermal solar collectors. They work seamlessly even in cooler climates or areas getting limited sunlight and are super-efficient.

Solar Pool Covers – A Vital Accessory

A solar pool cover is an ideal accessory to cover your pool when it’s not in use. A solar pool cover protects your pool from dirt, debris and leaves, and lowers humidity, trap heat and averts water evaporation. Solar pool covers curtail the need to clean and use chemicals on your pool and help save water. A solar pool cover can increase the temperature of your swimming pool between 9 and 11 degrees.

The Criteria to Choose Your Solar Pool Heating System

The Placement of The Solar Collector

The recommended setup is to have your solar collector positioned in an area that attracts the most sunlight. And make sure the solar collector is not placed near a tree or tall structure that can obstruct the sunlight at certain times of the day.

The Size of Your Pool

Depending on the size of your swimming pool, you’ll need to get a solar collector. As a thumb’s rule, the solar collector should cover around 80 to 100 per cent of your pool size – in square metres, to ensure efficient water heating.

Final Words

Installing a solar pool heater requires a professional installation from licensed professionals. As a solar pool heating system involves a significant investment and requires professional installation, it is vital to deal with an established dealer or supplier for assisting you with your solar pool heating needs. A well-established company will provide you with a warranty for ten years or above for the solar pool heating system they supply. Furthermore, customer reviews can be of great help that will assist you in finding the right dealer or supplier.