Why is Manuka Honey so expensive?

Five reasons why this unique and very special honey is worth paying a bit more for

Manuka Honey is a unique and very special kind of food. Known as ‘liquid gold’ it’s loved by dietitians, athletes and health conscious consumers all around the world for its distinct properties and delicious taste.

But what makes it so special and therefore more expensive than other kinds of honey? Here are five reasons why you may pay more for genuine Manuka Honey and why it’s worth it.

1. Genuine Manuka Honey comes from the most remote parts of New Zealand

Manuka honey originates from New Zealand, where it is extracted from the nectar of the Manuka tree.1 Whilst Manuka trees can be grown in other parts of the world, they are indigenous to New Zealand, making Aotearoa (New Zealand) Manuka’s native home.

Since Manuka Honey can only be produced in areas abundant with native Manuka blossoms, many of our hives are located in some of the most remote parts of New Zealand. This can make collecting this precious nectar challenging and expensive.

2. The Manuka flower only blooms for a short time each year

Manuka Honey is harvested by honey bees from the nectar of the Manuka tree. But unlike most other varieties of honey which can be collected throughout much of the year, Manuka Honey is a limited resource because the trees only flower for between 2-6 weeks each year. This means the bees only have a short window of time to collect the precious nectar needed to make Manuka Honey. So it’s only a brief and precious few weeks when our busy bees can work their magic.

Manuka flowers only bloom for a short time, just one of the reasons why pure, raw Manuka Honey is a unique and precious product.

3. We have strict quality control and testing in place

Through nearly 50 years of research and scientific rigour, Comvita has established itself as the leading authority on New Zealand Manuka honey.

Through an unrivalled commitment to quality and purity, Comvita has established the only internationally and government accredited in-house honey laboratory in New Zealand. It’s here that Comvita conducts more than 34 tests on every batch of Manuka honey, validating the purity and potency of the bioactive compounds found in nature’s most powerful honey.

As the leading Manuka honey brand for nearly 50 years, we also helped establish the rigorous New Zealand standards for Manuka Honey and Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) quality mark. This is the only quality and rating system that independently certifies the presence and quality of all factors (including MGO, DHA, and Leptosperin) that make New Zealand Manuka Honey unique.

 There’s simply no other honey that’s as tested and trusted as Comvita’s. As a world leader in Manuka Honey, 50 years of beekeeping science, knowledge and care is lovingly bottled into every jar.

4. Manuka Honey’s health properties are in high demand around the world

Manuka Honey is recognised worldwide for its unique properties, not found in ordinary honey. Rich in amino acids, Vitamins B and C, antioxidants, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and bioactive compounds, it is is used by millions of people to support wellbeing, aid digestion, help soothe dry or tickly throats and as a natural, non-toxic addition to their skin care routine.

It’s no wonder that Manuka Honey’s popularity has exploded over the past few years. Combine this with the relatively small supply of genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey available each year, and it’s easy to see why Manuka Honey can command a more expensive price tag.

Manuka Honey has natural health-giving properties, making it one of the most versatile and delicious ways to boost your health.

5. We’re committed to sustainability and a better future

At the heart of Comvita is a profound respect for our natural environment. It’s always been this way, since 1974, before climate change had even entered the world’s vocabulary.

Our Harmony Plan drives several key sustainability initiatives that reflect our ambition to leave the world in a better place. As climate action leaders we will become carbon neutral by 2025, we stand as kaitiaki (guardians) for bees – saving 10 million bees per year, we aim to restore balance to ecosystems through native tree planting programs and leave a positive impact in human populations around the world through employment opportunities and community outreach programs.

These principles and ways of working can mean our Manuka Honey costs a little more, but we believe doing right by the planet is well worth it.

Comvita was founded on the vision of sharing the power of nature with the world.

Why quality pays off

Just like a good mattress, a quality pair of sunglasses or a raincoat that really does keep the rain out, some things in life are just worth paying a bit more for. Expensive items like these are called ‘investment pieces’ for a reason.

Genuine, quality Comvita Manuka Honey can nourish you from the inside and out and we think there’s no better investment than your health and wellbeing.


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