Why is Avast showing an installation error and how to fix it?

Avast is one of the most popular security programs and is best known for its Android security tools. This antivirus also offers excellent security tools for Windows and Mac devices. The freeware of Avast is very popular as it offers all the basic security and device optimization tools. But some users reported that they are getting issues while installing Avast antivirus.

Reasons behind Avast antivirus installation error

  1. Avast setup file is corrupted
  2. You are installing an incompatible Avast setup
  3. Junk files are interrupting the installation process
  4. You have another security program
  5. Any malicious program is corrupting Avast installation
  6. Your OS is outdated

Resolving Avast antivirus installation error

Restart the PC

Whenever your PC shows an installation error for any security program, restart it. The device sometimes gets into runtime error and corrupts the running process. Check for the running apps on the device and close them. Now restart the computer and go to the downloaded Avast setup. Run the setup and follow the instructions to install the Avast security program on your device. 

Install compatible Avast antivirus

If the setup is showing an installation error, check for its resource requirements. If your Avast antivirus setup is not compatible you can’t install it. Avast is available for all operating systems but you can’t use Avast for Mac on Windows devices. You have to get the compatible Avast setup. You should cancel the Avast subscription and request an Avast refund. Once you get your refund, purchase the compatible Avast setup for your device. 

Check the free hard-disk space

Your applications will show errors in installation when the free hard-disk space on the device is low. Every application requires some amount of free space to install and process. If the free space on the device is low then you should try to remove some unnecessary files from the device. Check for all the apps on the device. If you see any third-party app, remove it. These third-party apps often cause issues as they carry malware like worms and adware. Click on the application and uninstall it. Start uninstalling all the unnecessary applications. If the device is still running out of space then check for large files. Remove games, movies, etc from the device. You can copy your data on an external hard disk and then remove it from the device. After increasing the free space, start your Avast antivirus installation process. 

Redownload Avast setup

Installation error appears when the setup you are trying to download is corrupted. If the user is downloading the setup on poor internet; the files may not download correctly. You will get the error while installing the corrupt setup on your device. Delete the corrupted Avast setup from the computer. Now again open the Avast account on your device and download the setup. Open the downloads folder and run the Avast setup file. The setup will start installing on the computer. After installation, restart the device and click on the Avast icon on the desktop. Hit the Scan button and remove all the malware from your device.

Clean junk from the PC

Before installing any app on the device, you must remove the junk. PC junk can corrupt certain processes on the device. Start with deleting the temp files. Open the temp folder and select all the files. Tap the Delete button and remove the files from the system. Now start checking all the drives for junk. You can also use the Windows utility tool for cleaning the device. Open the run bar and type cleaning. Tap on the Run button and this tool will inspect all junk on the device. Check the wizard on the screen and select the files to delete. After deleting, restart the computer and retry to install Avast antivirus.

Remove another security program

Your Avast will show an installation error if you have another security program on the device. Using two security applications won’t increase the protection. It will cause conflict issues on the device. Your other security program won’t allow you to install the setup. Check the device for any other security applications. Even if you have any expired security program setups, uninstall them. People often forget to remove the old Avast setup. Open the Apps folder and remove the expired Avast or any security program setups from the computer. Restart the system and now start a fresh Avast installation process.

Update your Operating System

Your OS must be up-to-date always. If the OS is not updated, you may face lots of processing errors. Connect your computer to a stable and secure internet connection. Now open the Update & Security tab. Click on the Update button; Windows will start checking for a new update. If the update for your OS is available; it will start installing. After completing the OS update, restart the PC to apply the changes. Now go to the Avast setup file and start installing it.