Why Does the Government Use Drupal Website Development for Building Their Websites?

A Content Management System is important for government websites as they need critical analysis to test the viability of the system. The Drupal Web Development Company encourages government with its responsible governance principles. Drupal helps in balancing governance and security of data. 

Why is selecting a tool for Government Website development a great challenge?

Flawless Security

Government website is the digital platform for important details about the country that need to be protected. As this website collects and stores sensitive information so it is essential to choose the right development tool.

Great Accessibility

Citizens need to access the government website seamlessly and quickly. Websites might contain heavy images, multilingual features, and more that can affect its performance. So, make sure you choose the right web development platform that can make websites responsive even in poor internet connection situations.

Affordable Charges

The government’s budget will be limited when compared to the large enterprises. They need to choose a platform that can fulfil the basic requirements to their users and still maintain their expenditure for the software development.

Main reasons to choose Drupal development are:


This is an important factor for good governance where security is not compromised in any scenario. Security is a priority for the community to provide security patches. Drupal incorporates best security patches for the web and module developers. Some security modules offered the Drupal:

  • The login security gives a fundamental access control which denies IP full access of the content on the website.
  • The password policy complicates the password and saves the information to keep it safe from brute force attacks and other online threats.
  • Security kit helps in fixing HTML injection issues that helps in keeping the website safe from cross-site scripting attack.
  • This helps in adding an additional security into the signup forms of the website
  • It ensures secure login by checking the submitted information using HTTPs that prevents passwords and user information compromising.


Government organizations get better security and flexibility with Drupal Web Development Company. It is cost-effective by providing huge operational and maintenance costs. Government websites need huge community that needs free security extensions, distributions, and modules that save costs.


This Drupal module enables content translation on pages and individual content. This gives admins the freedom to write the content in their preferred language.

Multisite Features

Developing a website from a scratch utilizes a lot of resources and it is a time-consuming task to perform. This multisite feature allows building another website using a similar code base. This ensures that some features will remain the same in the website and maintain uniformity. This simplifies the development procedure and management can be done easily.

Drupal Development Company provides accessibility to such standards by ensuring that it has all the features and functions.


Government websites need a scalable platform when they build their websites. Drupal provides content-rich websites which can handle website function seamlessly. Government website is delivering important information that means it needs to give a great digital experience to the users. Many features and functionalities on the website remain the same like announcements, latest news, government schemes and policies.

There is a collection of add-on modules available to meet the requirements of the website. This provides flexibility to customize existing modules that can improve the Government websites.

Custom Content Type 

Government websites want their content dynamic as they have non-political and political groups. Announcements can be shared in different forms like blogs, news items, informational pages, photos, video gallery, polls, and social media snippets.

Drupal has various benefits like:

  • Drupal is open-source software that has many free themes that helps in reducing the web development costs.
  • It has various features that enable high customization. There are various layouts, operations, and design that are used for personalization. Drupal developers can perform quick deployment as they have so many options to enable core features and functionalities in the website.
  • Drupal Web Development Company is aware that it is Manageable, reliable, scalable, flexible, and secure.
  • It has API support for FB, Google Apps, Twitter, Google Analytics, and YouTube. Developers also have the option to create their custom segments by using well-documented Application Interface programming.
  • SEO is an important part of the web marketing strategies for organizations. Drupal helps in building SEO optimized websites according to search engines.
  • It also provides accessibility to different smart devices and makes it compatible for them.               

Wrapping It Up!

It is a big step to move into the digital world for Government data. There are various solutions if you have the right Drupal Web Development Company to build the website using the right strategies. Drupal is a great Content Management System that can handle the diverse requirements of the government organizations and achieve their goals efficiently.