Why do you need an electrical safety audit? What do they check on a safety audit?

To begin with, an audit is a procedure for independent verification of compliance of the company’s activities with the requirements of the law. The task of the company providing this service is to give the business owner complete information about the real state of affairs at his enterprise in terms of modern requirements in the chosen area.

For example, an electrical safety audit deals with all the systems and processes related to electricity. Together with the best electrical safety audit companies in Canada, you can check your enterprise, find out valuable information, make the needed improvements, and stay confident that everything works as it must.

Why does the company need an electrical safety audit?

Electrical exposure is a serious, widespread occupational hazard that can result in injury or even death to workers in all occupations. Direct contact with unprotected conductors or parts of an electrical circuit can lead to serious consequences because the human body is a good conductor of electricity.

Intense currents can cause involuntary muscle contractions, preventing release from the source of electricity. When such paralysis occurs, the person can no longer free himself from the cause of the influence. In fact, the object can be held even tighter, resulting in a longer duration of contact.

What injuries result from exposure to electricity? The following are the most common:

·         the electrical shock that interferes with the normal functioning of the human body, such as heart rhythm disturbances and injuries to internal organs, respiratory arrest, heart failure, damage to blood vessels, nervous system, and muscles;

·         external and internal burns of varying severity;

·         collapses caused by contact with an electric current source.

The severity of the consequences can vary significantly depending on many factors, including environmental conditions, voltage, strength, and type of current, the path and duration of passage through a person, and there may also be physiological characteristics.

It must be understood that non-compliance with electrical safety requirements can lead to other serious consequences. Electricity can be a source of ignition in a potentially flammable or explosive environment, all of which can also lead to death or injury at work. No wonder, that electrical safety and its rules must be applied to every enterprise and checked in time.

Basics of an electrical safety audit

To conduct an audit of an enterprise, specialized experts with versatile professional experience in the construction, repair, and organization of energy systems of all levels of complexity are involved. Both the documentary base of the enterprise and all elements of the company’s energy facilities are assessed.

The concept of the audit includes gathering information about the compliance of the documentary package with established standards, checking the effectiveness of the system for monitoring the operation of systems built at the enterprise and responsibility for their correct operation, the quality of fulfillment of management requirements in this area by responsible officials and employees.

Evaluation of accounting data on the activities of the enterprise is carried out in order to issue recommendations for bringing the work of the energy engineering networks of the enterprise in line with the requirements of regulatory legal acts in force.

An audit provides:

1.       An independent assessment of the compliance of the enterprise’s activities with the norms of the law.

2.       Professional consultations of the specialists of officials of the enterprise in the course of work.

3.       The final report indicates violations of specific points of requirements and standards requiring correction.

4.       Information on the scope of work, the implementation of which is necessary for the full and trouble-free operation of the company’s energy systems.

5.       Data on the amount of necessary training for officials and employees of the enterprise.

6.       Identification of priority tasks for elimination, a proposal for assistance in eliminating the identified comments.

Electrical safety is an important component of labor protection systems and has a positive effect on the overall level of industrial safety. Timely completion of training and certification for knowledge of mandatory electrical safety requirements, planning before starting work, and taking the right precautions can prevent negative consequences and qualitatively increase the level of professionalism of employees.

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