Why Do Big Brands Invest in Mobile App Maintenance?

Mobile app developers’ roles and services don’t actually end at the release of the app. Actually, maintaining the app is the real challenge today. Developers give their hundred percent to developing a great app, but what about the subsequent services? 

Many times mobile app developers ignore that the app maintenance and support are equally or even more important than the development itself. To keep the app running smoothly in the long run, it has to be updated every few months. 

No matter what size of an app it is, you can’t forget about it once it is developed. In fact, maintaining mobile applications is an integral part of the mobile app development process.

Many developers and even entrepreneurs assume that an app can run well without any maintenance. But trust us, without proper maintenance and regular updates, an app might not perform as you had anticipated. And thus, to thrive all the time and to stay on top of its game, an app has to be taken care of with proper maintenance every now and then. 

Now let’s address your biggest worry. We are no magicians, but we know you are worried about the cost of mobile app maintenance, isn’t it? After all, the cost factor can not be overlooked at all. 

Well, your worries end here and now. This blog will wipe off not just one but many of your worries. First of all, we will see why mobile app maintenance support is needed in the first place. So, shall we take you along on this ride? Let’s go! 

What is the need to maintain and update mobile apps?  

If you are an entrepreneur or businessman, you must have an idea of how updating the business brings new opportunities onboard and helps the business to thrive. A mobile app is no different. Every mobile app needs its regular dose of maintenance to work seamlessly. 

So, let’s see why they need this maintenance and support and what good they gain out of it. Let’s get into it. 

The regular software and version updates 

Updating the operating systems changes the layout guidelines, features, and developer tools. iOS13 changed the UI and compelled all the iOS apps to be adapted. The reason is that incompatible apps with the latest update can cause security issues. Furthermore, regular maintenance ensures that the app is working well on all smartphone models and screen sizes. 

Improving the ROI 

Timely maintenance and updates of the mobile app will result in gaining many financial benefits and result in increasing the overall ROI. On the contrary, not updating the app regularly results in higher maintenance costs as well

Fixes bugs and technical issues 

If not resolved on time, technical issues can cause quite a mess. After all, there is no such thing as perfect software. Every app faces data leaks, bugs, and other issues, but the problem arises when these issues go unresolved. And thus, timely maintenance will keep your app sailing for a long time. 

Better user experience 

Providing a user experience is the key to success for any app. There are multiple apps in the market, and you can’t afford to lose your customers to any other app just because your app was not updated. Thus, to eliminate this risk and to offer the best user experience, updating the app from time to time is a must. 

Now let’s analyze the cost of mobile app maintenance

Wondering how much mobile app maintenance services cost? We will guide you through the major expenses involved in app maintenance. Although there are several factors that affect the mobile app maintenance costs, on a rough estimation, it can be said that the overall maintenance costs are around 20-25% of the overall project costs. 

However, it isn’t the same for every app. The maintenance costs can go up as much as 50% if the project is complex or large in size. Moreover, other factors such as the complex functionality, third-party APIs, and customized features can result in variations in costs as well. 

Now you might be wondering why app maintenance costs this much. Let us put some facts upfront. So, mobile app maintenance isn’t just about fixing bugs, but it’s a process that includes several practices. Let’s have a quick look at those practices below. 

  • Upgrading the app to the latest version
  • Updating the content of the app regularly
  • Performance enhancement 
  • Keeping up with the latest push notifications 
  • Enhancing app analytics
  • Updating the app with the latest technology trends 
  • Maintaining a backup 

Now after analyzing the practices that app maintenance works on, shall we quickly run through the factors that affect the overall cost of maintenance? So, here we go! 

  • The platform of the app, i.e., iOS and Android
  • The number of app features 
  • Technologies and APIs you have integrated into the app
  • App hosting server 
  • How often do you test the app
  • How you maintain your app- in-house partnering with a mobile app development company. 

Keeping in mind these factors, a mobile app development company should provide the best maintenance, monitoring, and technical supervision services. Naturally, the more experienced the mobile app development company is, the better will be the support and maintenance services provided by them. So, it is upon the clients to not ignore the maintenance support while going through the developers’ expertise. 
Thus, while you hire mobile app developers, don’t forget to ensure they are excellent not just at mobile app development but also at mobile app maintenance services. Also, expert developers will be able to give you an estimated maintenance cost after a detailed analysis.

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the CMO of Kody Technolab, a Web & Mobile App Development Company. He loves to explore and write about the latest web & Mobile App Development Trends, Digital Marketing Trends, Startups, and Entrepreneurship.