Why are Car Wraps Getting Popular?

The concept of wrapping cars with vinyl stickers has been around longer than people think. Advertisements on buses, numbers on racing cars, phone numbers on your local pizza delivery scooter have been ‘stuck on’ temporarily rather than more permanent solutions (paints etc). If you’re on the search for the best auto wrap services, you’re probably hooked to the trend of vehicle wrapping. Ever wondered why wrap cars? Get your answer here! 

Whether for a commercial or a private car, wrapping offers a total transformation of a vehicle and gives owners the satisfaction of owning a one-of-a-kind automobile for the road. This sentiment and satisfaction are what’s propelling this trend forward in the industry. The concept originated from Europe, where reselling old taxis painted in the mandatory colours was quite challenging, to say the least. So the idea of buying popular colour vehicles to resell after ripping off the vinyl overlay was appealing for the taxi business. 

Until recently, the world has become aware of the many possibilities that are presented by car wrapping. The advancements in both material technology and adhesive have been massive in the last few years, so much so that now it is a multi-million dollar industry. So why, you ask? Why is everyone, even the world’s rich are coveting wrapped cars? Here are the most compelling reasons people are choosing to wrap over paint! 

Car Personalization

Any car enthusiast looking to modify their car usually desires to put their mark on it, make it synonymous to their name, and exclusively make it their own. Vinyl wraps offer the perfect solution when changing the appearance of a vehicle as it is more convenient to achieve, and the options are endless. No longer are extensive and exhaustive paint jobs costing thousands of dollars to get the gradient; differing panels and separate iconography are required to produce envisioned images of the car. 

The more economical and smarter way of achieving a personalized exterior is to choose vinyl wraps and costs up to a sixth of the luxuriant paint job. Vinyl wraps offer matter, gloss, chromatic, polished, carbon fiber/Kevlar, and even chameleon finishes. Own a Honda and want it to be flat black? No worries! Want your Volkswagen in hot pink? Easy! The personalization isn’t limited to paintwork either, and vinyl wraps make lights, wheels, wings, and badges all within the personalization possibilities, which explains why people are heading off to Florida car wrap services instead of the age-old paint job.

Paint Protection

Cars are prone to all sorts of paint damage hazards from road debris, weather, tree sap, and other hoodlums who key your car for kicks. It has happened to most of us. With a vinyl wrap, you can provide your vehicle with a layer of protection to your expensive paint job from all hazardous elements that are a constant threat. Why not have your car not only looking incredible but safeguard it from risks. Nowadays, wraps are strong enough to resist large stones from chipping off the paint underneath. They also keep the paintwork free of scratch, causing dust, making being scratched a thing of the past. 

Easy Maintenance

How many hours do you spend washing, waxing, buffing, and clay baring your paint job to keep it looking good as new? The best auto wraps services provide you with the ease of maintenance with a process that uses only soap and water. The wrap will look amazing and continue to protect your paint from the sun and other contaminants for a long time. 

Removable Vinyl

Obviously, you love your newly football-themed wrapped SUV, but what will prospective buyers think when you’re moving on to your next car? The biggest perk of wrapping comes when it’s time to sell your car or when you feel like you need a change. Vinyl wraps are fully safe on your car’s original paint when removed by professionals. Paint is permanent, whereas wraps take minutes to come off and return your car into its original painted glory for the classifieds. Every vehicle on the road ranging from buses and taxis, could feature some vinyl wrapping. 

The resale value of your car hence remains the same because nothing ruins it more than that repaint. Even by the most skilled professionals, repainted cars are not the same as the factory base paint. This reduces your automobile’s desirability, and people are always wary of buying cars that have been repainted. With a vinyl wrap, you’re safe from all such problems! 

Key Takeaway

Are you ready to get your motorcycle or truck vinyl wrapped? Make sure you choose reputable Florida car wrap services for all your vinyl needs so that you come out with the precise manifestation of your vision. Make a customized version of your car with the endless vinyl options and set the roads on fire with style.


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