Why a Separate WFH Setup Is Necessary Today?

The work-from-home culture began because of the pandemic. The entire world was tied down to the house during the pandemic. So companies that could operate from home started the work-from-home culture, and soon it took over the entire world.

A survey found that 85% of companies wanted to continue WFH either partially or completely, and only 15% wanted to return to the office after the pandemic. The 248 companies that participated in the survey have many employees in India.

In another survey, 70% of employers want to follow the hybrid model or work completely from home. However, only 40% of the employees will work on-site full-time, while 29% will work remotely for 1-2 days a week.

Both the employees and employers find flexibility in work location a big advantage. It is found that more and more employees prefer jobs with a hybrid model, as it provides flexibility in working. At the same time, the employers gain as they find a reduction in their fixed costs.

The HR personnel also find WFH culture very rewarding. They find wider reach and flexibility in finding talents. They also feel they have no boundaries now for some of the jobs. Some companies have also gone for strong digital infrastructure after realising the advantages of the hybrid model. They foresee significant productivity gains by following a balanced hybrid model suitable for the long term.  

Also, freelance work has increased post-pandemic. People want to work and excel, but at the same time, they want to spend time with loved ones, travel and see the world while working. In the US, freelancers contributed 1.3 trillion to its economy, which is $100 million higher than the previous year.

Some of the companies provide the laptops necessary to work at home. Some small companies and companies that hire freelancers expect you to own a laptop and have a stable internet connection as a prerequisite to work from home.

Internet connection is affordable to most of you. But if you have to buy a laptop to work from home, then it would not be feasible for many of you due to financial constraints. It is in such situations that you can rent laptops and start earning.

 There are many laptop rental providers online and offline. Suppose you are searching for such providers online. In that case, you can search for them by typing “laptop on rent mumbai” if you want one in Mumbai or changing the city name if you want it in any other city. You will get information about all such providers, and you can select the one suitable for you. You also have WFH set up providers from whom you can not only rent laptops but also rent office tables, study chairs, racks, etc.


The rental facility will be economical for you. Normally you will have 3,6,9,12 months packages. But, you can also exchange the setup if you are not comfortable with it at the end of your package time. So, start working from home with rented infrastructures.


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