Who Says You Can’t Do It All? Not Amber Claire!

What is the meaning of life? Well, stick around because we have discovered the answer and we’ll get to it right after we tell you a little bit about Amber Claire. She’s the award-winning Australian singer/songwriter who has been quietly, yet very steadily, working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for a couple of decades. She is constantly keeping busy in Tinsel Town whether it’s writing beautiful and meaningful songs, singing, and recording them, interviewing other entertainment icons at special events –or running her own successful public relations company and advocating for our environment alongside people like Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Laura Dern –while working as Head of Marketing for the famed environmental organization “Global Green” (founded by former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev and Diane Meyer-Simon). Perhaps the word “busy” might not be precise enough for all the incredible things that are packed into Amber’s life, but, for now, it will suffice.

As quoted by Amber herself: “There are always people asking me exactly what it is that I do and I tell them, I do a little bit of everything, because in this day and age, you have to”.

This most interesting woman obviously has a lot going for her. And a great deal of what she does pushes her life and her artistic involvements and achievements a few giant steps forward each day she is on this planet. She founded 27PR, her public relations company, in 2012.  And in the ten years since she opened the doors, she has helped hundreds of artists, from actors and actresses, to cinematographers, directors, producers and others, get the publicity and online presence they need, which is an absolute necessity in today’s business and entertainment world.

Her singing and songwriting career also took off during that time and one of her songs, “Till We Meet Again,” was recently awarded Best Music Production at the World Songwriting Awards, which is given out annually. Amber’s early musical influences range anywhere from Madonna to the iconic Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Coincidentally, she has worked with Mariah and Whitney’s Grammy winning music producer, Narada Michael Walden on a couple of her own songs. Another seemingly magical coincidence happened not too long ago on Twitter. Mariah Carey re-tweeted Amber’s photo where she was dressed up as a 90’s Mariah on Halloween! Amber put together the outfit in less than five minutes and apparently Mariah loved the look so much that she re-posted it!

Among Amber’s countless skills is that she has been a professional and accomplished entertainment reporter over the years for several online radio stations and media outlets. She has interviewed such people as, Geena Davis, Jim Carrey, Henry Winkler, Jennifer Aniston, Heath Ledger and others at red-carpet events in Los Angeles and New York.

Now, the real meaning of life is…Oh, look we have run out of time! We will have to address this subject in our next article. Until then, keep an eye out for Amber’s next interview and new song release.

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