Who is Praful Billore?

Who is Praful Billore? You must have heard the name MBA Chai Wala, that is why you have come to read this post. MBA Chai Wala Business Today the name of the person who has reached such heights is Praful Billaur, along with his studies, opened a tea stall near the road and did crores of business, MBA Chai Wala started his tea business from Ahmedabad city And in today’s time the turnover of MBA Chai Wala company is more than 5 crores and there are more than 50 Freezecs all over India.

Who is Praful Billore?
Who is Praful Billore?

When Praful Billaur was doing his studies, an idea used to run in his mind that I have to do something big, keeping this in mind, he traveled all over India and understood that if there is anything to drink in the whole of India, which is the most drunk. If there is tea after water, then they thought why not start the business of tea and spread it all over India. The business started at the age of just 20 has created such a big empire today, whose name is MBA Chai Wala.

MBA Chai Wala As cute as this name is, the life story of MBA Chai Wala, so let’s know about Praful Billaur’s biography.

What is Mba Chaiwala?

Mba chaiwala is a brand of tea selling and was started by Prafulla Billore in Ahmedabad in July 2017. Their tea is not very expensive but their tea price starts from Rs.15 to Rs.30 depending on the area and demand. Accordingly, they also sell Pizza, Burger, Maska Bun, Maggi, Sandwich, Samosa etc. along with tea.

What is the full form of Mba Chaiwala? Praful Billore

Hearing this name, you would think that there would be a boy who would have done MBA from a college and if he did not get a job, then to remove his unemployment, he would have opened a tea stall and named him MBA Chaiwala. There is no full form of MBA in MBA CHAIWALA, not Master of Business Administration but Mr. Billore is Ahmedabad. To know about MBA Chai Wala Net Worth click on this.

In the beginning Prafulla’s tea shop did not have any name, so he had to name some name of his shop, for which he thought of many names, but in the end he made MBA CHAIWALA by mixing these three words. Made fun of the name, but as Praful’s popularity increased, the name turned into a brand.

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Who is Praful Billore?

Praful Billore MBA is the founder of CHAIWALA. On 25 July 2017 Praful opened his first tea shop in Ahmedabad. It took Praful almost 4 years to convert a tea shop into a brand selling tea and today people Praful Billaure Known as Mba Chaiwala.

Praful Billaure comes from a place called Labrauda in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Praful did his graduation from commerce, after which he prepared for CAT, GMAT, GRE for 2-3 years. After 2-3 years of hard work, when Praful was When there was no selection, he changed his mind.

At that time Praful was not understanding anything about his career, so Praful made up his mind to travel to India at that time and after visiting places like Bangalore, Hyderabad etc., his journey stopped in Ahmedabad.

Praful’s dream was to do MBA from IIM, but due to this he took a PG just behind IIM Ahmedabad so that he could live his dream. Today’s big businessman has worked in MacDonald in his early days. On the lines, Praful also worked for MacDonald for about 6 months.

The parents did not have any information about his job. In the middle of the job, Praful’s father again talked to him about MBA and to keep his father’s point, Praful got himself admitted in a private college. The students had no desire to do anything big and Praful was bored with the theory classes taught in the college. Praful came out of that college within a few days and did not even let his parents know about it. l