Who has Internet for $10 a month?

The world has seen drastic changes in the year 2020. Where everyone emancipated the arrival of new year and new hopes, no one expected a challenge like the current corona virus pandemic crises which has moved on with us in 2021 as well. What we saw as consumer oriented economy was that even a global economic giant like the United States fell prey to the horrific blow to all global economies.

Though it has been many months, still there is a huge number of people who have either been laid off or have been forced to work from home. Since these are stringent times where pocket friendliness is the top most factor that every buyer is looking for before making a purchase, we see that not everyone can afford to pay for a high speed internet connection.

Households right now have one thing on their minds, survival. Whether it relates to a single person holding down a job or whether it relates to our young ones not being laid behind in their classrooms. Internet has never been in such a demand before. However, internet speed is one thing but dealing with frustrated customers due to a drop internet quality i.e. service, connectivity or speed is quite another. Individuals are looking towards internet service providers like Spectrum Internet who cater well to the demands of all individuals and households in the most professional and caring manner through their Spectrum Customer Service.


Spectrum internet for families who cannot afford to pay huge amounts


Though Spectrum is the only internet provider that is famous for its affordability they still have an exclusive internet package for people who are looking for cheap internet connections, the package is called Spectrum Internet Essential it is an amazing package that will facilitate all your basic online activities, you can also use it for online classes, web browsing, office work or to watch your favorite shows online. The price of this package is only $14 approximately and that is the charge that Spectrum does not charge for itself but it is mandatory charge for tax amount that is being charged by the government. The internet speed that you get in this package is 30 Mbps per sec. You can connect multiple devices like laptop, mobile phone, tablets, gaming stations, computers or other devices with your Wi-Fi internet. This speed is enough for you regular usage and you will be able to do all your online browsing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This speed will support all your regular usage. This speed will not be sufficient for online games specially PUBG or COD.

Benefits of Spectrum


Spectrum gives you an amazing contract buyout plan. If you are already under any contract for internet services, you can still opt for Spectrum internet connection. You need to dial spectrum customer service phone number and tell them about your existing contract and they will give you details about the procedure. You will be required to send a letter to their department and ask them to sign you up for the contract buyout plan. Spectrum will set you free and pay up to $500 to set you free from your contract.

You can get Spectrum internet services just by making a call on Spectrum customer service phone number, these days’ spectrum local stores are closed so they send the equipment to your location along the manual and you can plug in modem and router and you will be good to go right after that. In case if you face any issue, you will also be able to dial customer service number and ask them about anything and they will guide you through the process. It will only cost you around $9.99 only. But in case if you want the professional installation it will be a little expensive as it will cost you around $49 because it will include wiring of your home. You have both options to choose self-installation or professional installation.

You also get free internet through more than 5000 Wi-Fi hotspots, you will need to create your own account on Spectrum app which you can download from your app store for free. When you sign up for internet services their customer service rep will also give you an official account number through which you can create your own account on the App or you can also do that on official spectrum website.

In Conclusion


Spectrum has the most affordable internet services; you get a high speed internet that will be sufficient for all your daily life tasks from web browsing to work or online classes. You can also choose the basic internet package on promotional discounts later on if you feel like you need a higher internet speed at any moment.