Which Is the Best Hair Serum for Men in India?

If you’ve been Googling for some trending memes today, you might have seen the ones showing how women apply a truckload of personal care products while men do with one product for the hair, body, and face. These funny images may slightly exaggerate things, but one still possibly can’t deny that men follow minimal personal care routines. So, if we talk about the best hair serum for men in India, we may not have too many takers for a grand show today!

It’s no wonder you often find products that claim to have a body wash and hair wash rolled into one. Most men these days realize that their face needs special care, so companies are meeting the demand accordingly. However, men rarely think beyond shampoo or hair gel when it comes to hair. These products may not be enough to get the look you desire and may also aggravate your hair problems. 

Hair loss or hair thinning?

Many men suffer from thinning of hair, a condition also called androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This kind of hair loss is mainly genetic but can also occur due to extreme stress or certain medications. Many men notice thinning of hair after the age of thirty, which usually becomes significant around fifty.

What you need to prevent this is the right kind of hair products. You need a product that prevents hair loss, improves hair health, and keeps your hair looking good in all kinds of weather. No, heavy products like oil or wax won’t work – they’ll only make the remaining hair on your head stick together. 

Instead, you need a lightweight but powerful product like a hair serum. This could be a relatively new area for most men, so we’ve put together this guide to help you understand hair serums better and to help you pick the best hair serum for men in India.

Which is the best hair serum for men in India?

Hair serums are styling products that coat the surface of your hair strands and keep them from frizzing out or sticking together. These days, hair serums are quite advanced and have many other functions. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a hair serum:

  • Makes hair shiny
  • Keeps hair hydrated
  • Reduces frizz and flyaway
  • Prevents damage due to pollutants
  • Protects against heat damage
  • Controls excessive oil
  • Prevents hair loss

Yes, hair serums do sound like wonder products, don’t they? They certainly are but you have to choose the right one for you. 

How to shortlist the best hair serum online?

If you’re searching for the best hair serum for men in India, here’s what you should be looking for.

  1. It should keep your hair fall or hair loss under control

Since most men have short hair, they have some unique hair styling problems of their own. The most common among these are:

  • Cowlicks (where little hair swirls grow in different directions).
  • A widow’s peak (which is a V-shape in the center of the hairline).
  • An overgrown crown (where the hair on the crown grows faster than the hair on the rest of the head).

Good hair serums help fix all these problems by coating each hair strand individually to make it smoother and easier to style.

2. It should prevent hair loss

Hair loss has many reasons, including genetics, stress, medications, infection, nutritional deficiencies, or poor hair care practices. A good quality hair serum formulated for the scalp can help nourish the hair follicles and strengthen hair, preventing or slowing down hair loss. You could thus opt for the best hair serum for men in India, instead of going for the more expensive options like laser treatments or hair transplants.

3. It should be lightweight

If you live in a tropical country like India, you know how humid the weather can be during summers and the monsoons. The high humidity content also makes hairstyles the most significant casualties- a certain heartbreak for most people.

Humidity causes the hair strands to reach out into the air for moisture, which is notably worse if your hair is dry. A good hair serum will be lightweight to coat the hair strands without weighing them down or appearing greasy. 

4. It should be good for overall hair health

There are hordes of hair products today, making it overwhelmingly challenging to choose the best hair serum for men in India. Serums packed with harmful chemicals can offer only short-lived solutions but may ruin your hair after a few weeks or months.

A good hair serum will have mostly botanical extracts and be certified safe and healthy for use. It would be advisable not just to pick the products that look ‘premium’; one should read the label and ingredients. 

5. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg

With so many boxes to check, it may seem like the best hair serum for men in India will be super expensive. However, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can still get well-made hair serums that are good for your hair and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Try Mamaearth Hair Serums for Men

For instance, consider the Mamaearth Hair Serums for men, particularly the Mamaearth Onion Hair Serum, which is our top pick for the best hair serum for men in India. This pocket-friendly option is also certified MadeSafe and contains 100% natural ingredients.

The main ingredient in this hair serum is onion seed extract, which has been proven to boost hair growth, thanks to the sulfur in onions. Sulfur helps boost the production of proteins like collagen and keratin, which are essential for hair strength and growth.

The Mamaearth Onion Hair Serum also contains forms of B Vitamins, called biotin and D-Panthenol, nutrients that are crucial for thick healthy hair. Besides this, olive oil provides adequate nourishment to the hair without weighing it down or making it look greasy.

It works much more effectively with a good-quality hair mask and hair oil. They should be specially formulated to help dry, frizzy hair stay nourished and hydrated, so your hair is healthy inside out and does not need to grab moisture from the air. 

Allied hair care products you may use

  1. The Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask is an excellent choice for dry, damaged hair. It features organic bamboo vinegar that conditions the hair, makes it softer and shinier, and boosts blood circulation in the scalp. The mask also contains oils like onion, coconut, and rosemary, which provide intense hydration and hair growth benefits.
  2. Another option for a good hair pack for dry hair is the Mamaearth Rice Water Hair Mask. This is your product if your hair tends to be brittle or breaks easily. Fermented Rice Water is an ancient Asian hair secret that helps improve hair elasticity, thus preventing frequent breakage. The mask also contains milk protein and keratin, which are essential ingredients for strong hair.
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Here’s a piece of advice! 

Before trying out any new product, do a patch test first. Then, apply it to a part of your skin and wait for 24 hours. If you don’t notice any reaction, the product is safe for you to use. However, if you notice any redness, itching, or rashes, you should stop using the product and consult your doctor immediately.