Which Industries Can Benefit The Most From A QR Code Business Card?

A QR code business card is one of the new and exciting ways of displaying business information. Although they have been around for almost a decade, they are a relatively new concept and aren’t used that commonly. 

At least not as much as century-old traditional business cards that employ the same cookie-cutter techniques. 

Many industries in the world have taken the innovative approach of using a QR code business card to stand out and present much more information beyond the literal rectangular confines. All the while saving printing costs, reducing paper use, and minimizing their carbon footprint. 

Here are the top 4 industries that can benefit the most from using a QR code business card.

  1. Healthcare

A business card’s QR code is frequently used in healthcare industries. You might have seen them quite frequently, especially after Covid-19. As with a single scan, a person’s Covid status could be identified. 

Among many countries in the world, China is one of the top ones that used and still uses, QR codes to track Covid status. If there are a few reported cases from a location, the QR code on people’s phones that reside in that area (or have been near the location) would turn orange to denote that they have been exposed, and they should take proper precautions.

Besides spotting outbreaks with location tracking, healthcare industries regularly use a QR code business card. Here are a few ways a QR code for business cards can benefit healthcare industries:

  • With one scan the doctors as well as patients can have access to their entire medical history without having to rummage through a pile of documents
  • A QR code business card can help in the quick identification of patients, eliminating the need for a time-consuming documentation process
  • It helps in tracking treatment processes, medicinal courses, previous consultations, and results from the previous consultations, to achieve better patient management as well as make informed decisions
  • The patients can also access their medical records without the need of visiting the hospital
  • In case of emergencies, doctors and medical staff can access personal data such as allergies, emergency contacts, next of kin, etc., with the help of a unique QR code business card allotted to specific patients
  1. Electronics

Electronic companies use a QR code for business cards all the time. This is because it’s easy to fit a business cards QR code in the tiniest of spaces. Which, they can use in a fun way like “scan QR code and avail discounts”. People love these offers. 

Electronic brands can use the QR code to link to their social media such as Facebook or Instagram. This helps them attract audiences, build customer loyalty, and elevate brand marketing. 

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Many electronics come with an extensive user manual. However, not all the relevant info can be efficiently given, in an easy-to-understand tone, on small pieces of paper. Not to mention, the additional printing costs and extensive paper usage that damages the environment. When there are too many products, the adverse effects quickly add up. 

Electronic industries can easily cater to that by using a QR code business card. With a business cards QR code, the users can effortlessly navigate to product information, images, or even training videos to better understand how to use the electronic. 

  1. Retail

Retail industries can also benefit a lot from using a QR code for business cards, as they have during the Covid-19 pandemic by using contactless payment options. 

Many well-known brands such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy had used a QR code business card to navigate buyers directly to the digital payment page. It significantly reduced physical contact between staff and customers to help fight the pandemic.

In addition to hygiene and safety practices, retail industries used business cards with QR codes to display their menus online. This served the purpose of easily finding the desired product in-store while also accessing much more information than what could be displayed on a printed label.

Shoppers can also access ingredients, nutritional information, product price, and even reviews with the help of a business card’s QR code.

  1. Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals are another industry that can benefit (and have benefitted) from a QR code business card. They regularly use it to ensure authenticity while also elevating branding campaigns.

For example, the pharmaceutical company Novartis has used a QR code business card in a way that has helped them expand their entire product line. In 2013, the company set up its QR code. When it was scanned, it played a video of how it prepared Aspirin. The video displayed Aspirin’s entire journey from the raw ingredient stage to the finished tablet. 

This marketing strategy worked so amazingly well that within a year (in 2014), Novartis expanded its entire product line to include treatments for mental illness as well as gastrointestinal disorders.


QR code for business cards is becoming the go-to technology for many industries worldwide. It has helped them to increase their revenue and expand their business operations in the past and continues to do so. 

We have seen a widely popular use of QR codes in Covid times to track health status while also promoting contactless transactions. Additionally, it has helped streamline processes in the healthcare industry. 

Electronics companies as well as retail stores also know the value of a QR code business card. They can use it to build brand loyalty and expand their reach to wider audiences. 

Adil Husnain

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