Having a key made is often more complex than it seems. It entirely depends on what kind of key you want to be made and whether you have a spare key to copy. Hence, before you search ‘key maker near me,’ it is essential to understand that such a search is too general.

It is also noticeable that searching for something that generic will display different results from what you would expect. For example, ‘key duplication near me’ or ‘key cutting near me’ are two different kinds of searches and will bear entirely different results as well.Don’t worry; we will discuss various options based on your requirements in this guide. Each key has a different role; thus, we will discuss where you can get such specific keys.


Car keys are a specific set of keys and can be acquired differently. If your only need is a set of duplicate car keys, the solution to this can be met at various hardware stores. This is an easy solution only if you have an existing spare key to make the duplicates. Luxurious car keys are an exception to this method, though.

Hardware stores will probably not offer services beyond their scope of offering, which might not be what you’re looking for when you search the term key cutting near me. Technology such as ‘transponder keys’ requires certain professional attention due to its unique programming. It is advised to have the car key cut before the key is programmed professionally; this helps offset some costs.

It is not difficult, and in fact, you can handle key fob replacement procedures by yourself through buying parts online and then self-programming. However, for modern car keys, the process is more complex. You will need access to patented equipment for programming, which will exclusively be available at the car’s dealership.

#2 House Keys

House keys are generally duplicated without any hassle through local locksmiths, which can be found when searching for ‘key duplication near me’. However, when it comes to high-security locks, most of them have patented keys. In addition, sales of key blanks are restricted to registered or partnered companies with a registered manufacturer, which makes it difficult for local hardware stores to cut and remakespecific keys. This is where a professional locksmith will come to your aid. 

Like we briefly discussed earlier, specific searches go a long way into directing towards the results you are really looking for. For example, instead of searching ‘key stores near me,’ it is better to be specific and search for ‘key maker near me.’ In that case, a Dubai Locksmith would be the ideal choice. Understanding the design of the lock to get the blueprint of the lock-key mechanism allows a key to be made, which professionals like Locksmith Dubai are expertly capable of.

Do bear in mind, the natural cost of decoding a lock may be more expensive than the cost of a new lock. But if the majority of your doors in your home or office have the same keyed lock, then it is worth investing in getting your old key back. For this, you will need a mobile locksmith service team that can arrive at your doorstep on short notice.

#3 Business Keys

Majority of commercial and business properties will likely have a management department that would hold spare keys for all units. However, in the scenario where this is not the case, you must avoid hiring amateursto help you and instead contact a professional locksmith Dubai. 

But in the event where the management can provide a temporary spare key, they can also offer you a few locksmiths as references. 

On the contrary, commercial door lock replacement may be a cheaper solution in various circumstances. This is significantly true if you are locked out of your office and need to rush your way back in as soon as possible. Most office keys can be made as easy as house keys; it depends entirely on the type of lock you have installed. However, it is recommendable to check up on your property manager for Dubai locksmith recommendations.

#4 Other Keys

As we are all aware, keys aren’t just made for the previously mentioned needs and requirements. You may require keys beyond your house, car, and office. There are various other miscellaneous locks except for a few different types,such as motorcycle and safe keys.

In addition, other certain locks should be considered, such as mailboxes, and their keys can often be replaced by the post office. There are also toolboxes that come with keys. If such keys are lost or misplaced, it is recommended to contact an expert locksmith who can assist you with immediate results. 

More so, desk keys can be tedious to replace as there are a large variety of desks. Antique desks and boxes without a modern desk lock replacement may require custom-made keys.

These days’ different keys come with specific product numbers or manufacturer information which can aid in getting the proper blanks for the particular keys. So naturally, trained and professional locksmiths have a certain eye for such expertise. 

When it comes to matching keys, it is essential to pay attention to the blade length, warding, and shoulder size of the key to be able to make a mirroring replica. However, if there are times when you are unsure about such details or types, a Dubai locksmith might be able to assist in such matters.


A locksmith can make a key for a lock in most situations as long as they have access to a new key blank. One of the most common reasons as to why a key is not made is due to the labor involved in lock impressioning. The decoding process can be costlier than anticipated; thus, it is better to hire a reliable locksmith to assist you in emergencies.

If any key or keyway is patented, it is preferred to call professional locksmith services that are partnered with the manufacturers. Out of all the locksmiths in Dubai, Locksmith Dubai can cater to your needs best. They offer a variety of locksmith services; from making that perfect lock for you to helping you during emergencies, Locksmith Dubai experts are trained for all your specific needs. 


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