When should I service my bike?  | Apna Mechanic (apnamechanic.com)

One of the biggest questions people have in their minds is when they should get their bike serviced? How often should the bike service be done? 

When you buy a new motorbike, the primary responsibility that comes with it is keeping up with its maintenance and servicing and making sure that the machine is in top condition. Bike care and maintenance are vital to keeping your motorbike in excellent condition for riding and maintaining your safety and maintaining your bike’s life span.  

Although it is vital to ensure that the bike is serviced routinely, it is likewise essential to regularly perform some maintenance checks to ensure it is in top condition. 

The following are some vital tips to remember and perform routinely to make sure that your motorcycle is in its best shape: 

  1. Change the bike’s oil at least once a year or as per the instructions given in the user manual received while buying the new bike. If the bike has traveled a lot of miles, then the oil should be changed more frequently.  
  1. Check the tires regularly for their air pressure as well as any sign of wear and tear that may be happened due to frequent usage. Correct air pressure will help prolong the life of the tires and furthermore will be able to handle the street conditions better as they will have a superior grip. 
  1. Test the brakes before each ride, and do not risk your life by going out on a ride with malfunctioning brakes. Replace the brake fluid every 6 to 12 months to ensure that your brakes remain in good working condition. Also, check your brake pads to make sure that you replace them before they are excessively worn out. 
  1. Regularly clean the air filter with compressed air. If the air filter is filled with dirt, it will put more pressure on the engine. Replace the engine if it is too dirty to clean. 
  1. Charge the battery to 100% even when it is not in use. This will increase the life of the battery. Make sure that the battery’s top is always clean and the electrolyte level in the battery is not too low. In case it is low, add distilled water. 

These are only a couple of tips to remember to guarantee that your motorbike performs its best and is in top condition. Additionally, make sure to get it maintained and serviced by an expert routinely. 

How to know when to get your bike serviced? Should you measure it from how old it is or from its mileage or the conditions it is being driven? 

The answer to this question depends upon the type of bike you have. Some bikes are built for longevity and efficiency, while others are built for speed, and you should deal with the servicing of each of them accordingly. When to service your bike and how to deal with your motorcycle will likewise rely upon how frequently you use it. If you ride your motorbike every day to go to your office or workplace, you will need to get your bike serviced more frequently than if you just take it out occasionally for a ride or some grocery shopping at the end of the week. 

The user manual provided with the bike specifies when the bike must be checked for servicing. Each manual specifies that the bike should be checked after a certain number of kilometers, generally between 2000 – 3000 kms, depending on the CC of the bike, or at least once in 3 months if your meter doesn’t reach the number before then. 

When it comes down to the health of your motorbike, in case you are worried about any aspect or if anything doesn’t appear to be OK, then you should always take it to a technical expert or a mechanic. In case you find it to be a hassle and do not have time to do it yourself. Apna Mechanic provides you with a doorstep Bike service in Gurgaon. If you have any questions on mechanics or servicing, don’t be afraid to ask our experts at Apna Mechanic (apnamechanic.com).