When choosing the Windows hosting server is optimal

Windows hosting means using Windows as the operating system of the web hosting server. Many website owners and web hosting companies are wielding Windows OS for their servers. So Windows OS (marketed by Microsoft) has a substantial market share in terms of hosting servers. Thus, if you are interested in using it, too, let us walk you through the scenarios when using the Windows hosting server is optimal 

If you are a Beginner

If you are a rookie to the hosting world or website, cheap windows hosting can be your way to go. The key reason is that it is easy to configure and use, and beginners can learn it quickly. Be it the website owners or website/ web server admins.

For instance, Windows offers a graphical interface (GUI). So managing the web server environment, IIS becomes far more accessible, such as configuring a new virtual host (adding a new site). Also, it is known that having your own DNS server enables one to centralize settings into one location, omitting the need to apply them individually on each device. It might be challenging to do so with others like Linux and require technical knowledge to edit BIND configuration files. However, with a Windows hosting server, you can set up your own DNS server with point-and-click.

For websites with Microsoft-specific Technology

Microsoft technologies are chart-topping owing to their well-adaptiveness to the latest trends and needs. For instance, it has marketed functional yet modern web browsers, frameworks, and languages. Windows hosting server is perfect to work with every technology rolled out from .Net, SQL Server, and Visual Studio to Active Directory. Further, not only the Microsoft-specific, but it is also well-suited with others portraying its versatility to a greater extent. That means it leaves open all room for installations of languages, databases, and open-source and closed-source programs like PHP, MySQL, WordPress, etc.

Thinking about developing/ owning an ASP.NET Web Product 

By Microsoft-specific technology, the most common technology that pops up in mind is the Asp Net website and apps. In that case, Windows is the ideal choice. This is because it can efficiently support the latest versions for Asp.Net, .Net Core, and other technologies. However, it also shows great compatibility with the going-to-be-hosted website or app, saving you from challenges in the long run. 

You prefer to have MySQL.

MySQL databases are relational, and the MySQL Database Servers are pretty fast, reliable, scalable, and easy to use. Further, they can support a variety of back ends and programming interfaces. Therefore, so many systems avail MySQL as the database. Also, it is compatible and can run on all prevalent computing platforms, from Unix-based operating systems to Windows. 

So if your system is needful for MySQL database, you can positively use the Windows server hosting. Many Windows web hosts even describe its availability in their Windows Hosting Plans.

Care about Security

Security is undoubtedly the first priority of web owners and hosts due to the current cyber-attacks ratio on the internet. The Windows hosting server is optimal and stays on top here, too, to help the users out.

Windows is released by Microsoft, one of the largest corporations in the United States. So it is not only developed but also backed by the experts there. So you can expect the periodic and free security patches to roll out. Also, you can easily install firewalls and other essential security practices to curate a safe environment for your website.

Updating your commodity is another way to tighten security. Fortunately, it is an easy pie to update the Windows server. For example, one has to navigate to Windows Update and check for any downloads/ updates if available and hit install.

Plesk, as the Control Panel 

CPanel doesn’t work on Windows servers, so users can use Plesk as their control panel. Plesk is a popular web control panel similar to cPanel and possesses a modern, clean, and sleek interface to ease the web and hosting management for you. It offers almost the same working features as cPanel. The users can control and manage web servers, websites, emails, databases, applications, third-party components, and remote desktop features. What’s more, it streamlines event tracking, statistics, and monitoring.

Leveraging Multiple Features

Users often intend to use different types of features and programs, so many web hosts also offer them. For instance, your host can allow you to access the Microsoft Exchange mail server. With this feature, the user can manage the emails. Further, you can seamlessly use Microsoft stack products and various extensions. However, Windows server hosting never restricts or forces you to join and use other Microsoft apps and products.

Bottom Line!

You can opt for a Windows OS server due to various reasons. First, a Windows hosting server is optimal when you need high security and a website with Microsoft-specific Technology, e.g., ASP.NET and MYSQL databases. Or last but least, you are a novice. Navicosoft sets forth cheap Windows hosting with all lucrative features built-in for your website or app to come live and settle on the internet. In addition, Windows hosting plans come with various extensions and security tools to maximize the benefits of the hosting environment for you.

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