WhatIsThisNumber Review: Is This Site Reliable For Finding Out Who Called Me? 

Are you getting calls from unknown phone numbers? Well, it can be problematic sometimes. You can get confused about what to do about these unknown calls. You are not sure whether you should call back or block this phone number. However, you don’t need to worry about this anymore.  

Tools and sites are available to discover the person behind the unknown phone number quickly. The one I would prefer is WhatIsThisNumber. Now, in these times, everyone is scared to share personal information on the internet. Thus, the reliability and security of your data are a significant headache. This site keeps all your searches 100% confidential. It doesn’t share any of your personal information with any third parties. And on top of this, it provides the service of finding who called you from this phone number for free. Let us look deep into what this site is really about and how this works.  

What Is WhatIsThisNumber?

There are methods to determine who called you from an unknown phone number. People leave a digital imprint online whenever they call from a phone number. WhatIsThisNumber is one of the top free sites to find out who calls you from a phone. There are more than 12 million successful searches on this platform. It looks through thousands of public databases and gives you a report about the unknown phone number.  

This report contains personal information, including the name, gender, and age of the person behind the unknown call. In addition to this, it also gives us the email address, alternative phone number, and social media profiles.  

How Does WhatIsThisNumber Work? 

WhatIsThisNumber uses the technique of reverse phone lookup. Using this technique helps us find out everything necessary to trace the person. This site accesses and verifies thousands of public databases in one go and provides us with a detailed report about the unknown phone number.  

You can also get an idea about the reverse phone lookup technique from its name. It is precisely what this term means. You have to enter the phone number rather than putting the person’s name. And it reverses searches for the person to who’s that phone number belongs. Now you know how WhatIsThisNumber works to find out who called you from this phone number, so let us quickly go through how you can use WhatIsThisNumber. It basically involves three simple steps: 

Enter the phone number: 

You have to write the unknown phone number in the search box. And click on the search option that is right there.  

Wait for the report: 

The site will go through all the procedures to find out who is calling from this phone number. To whom does this phone number belong? Who is that person, and what is the information available about him on the internet? As discussed, it has to look through thousands of public databases. That’s why it takes some time. But don’t worry, this whole process requires less than five minutes.  

Choose the report: 

This site provides you with multiple reports about the unknown phone number. You have to pick the right report that matches the phone number. It will have all the essential information. 

What Can WhatIsThisNumber Find Me? 

Using reverse phone lookup, WhatIsThisNumber can help you to find out who called you from an unknown phone number. I can guarantee that this site provides all the minimal compulsory information you need to trace the person. This information includes: 

Personal Information:  

It includes the name, gender, and age of the person who owns the unknown phone number.  


Here is the living address of the person.  

Email address: 

Everyone leaves a digital imprint somewhere on the internet. For example, it is pretty easy to find out the email address of a person.  

Alternate phone number: 

This site also gives us an alternate phone number if the person has more than one phone number.  

Social media profiles: 

WhatIsThisNumber also provides the social media profiles of the person. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., if the person uses these. 

Advantage & Disadvantage of Using WhatIsThisNumber: 


The most significant advantage of using WhatIsThisNumber is that it is reliable and free of cost. You can trust this site and do not have to pay even a single penny to use this service. Moreover, it doesn’t simply deliver us the name of the person. It produces all the mandatory information required to trace the person. You can actually get to that person who calls you from an unknown number.  

Furthermore, this site has the following benefits over others: 

  • Quick Searches 
  • Easy-to-use platform  
  • Extensive database 
  • Secure and accurate 

This site has a user-friendly experience. You won’t have to put much effort into using this site. It has an extensive database. You won’t see “sorry, we cannot find results about this phone number” on this site. Moreover, this site produces secure and accurate results. You can try it yourself; you won’t regret it. 


The only disadvantage this site has, or you can say limitation, is that it works only in the USA. You cannot search for phone numbers that operate outside the USA. If we look at this from a broader perspective, it also seems quite impossible. Many security concerns would not allow you to look into every country’s public database. 

User Reviews: 

Positive reviews: 

  • Thanks, WhatIsThisNumber, for this service. It has really helped to find out who was calling me from the unknown number. Due to this, I am now free of any tension. I would recommend anyone looking for a tool to use on this site. It is safe, secure, and user-friendly. 
  • This service is excellent and free of cost. It has provided me with accurate information about the person who was calling me from this unknown number. And it doesn’t require any subscription or anything like that.  

Negative reviews: 

  • Hi, I have to find out about an unknown phone number operating in England. But it says that this site only works in the United States of America. Maybe, you should try to expand your service. Thanks!  


WhatIsThisNumber is one of the top free, reliable sites to find out who is calling you in 2022. This post thoroughly explains this site. But if you genuinely want to know how it works, you should try using it yourself. If you have any queries about this, you can visit us anytime at WhatIsThisNumber.