What your charitable actions can do for specially-abled in the community

In a society where we commonly see so many consolidation marches and protests to preserve the rights of minorities, it is easy to assume those with disabilities must have equal access to human rights and would not face any discrimination but that is far from the truth. 

Therefore, we must recognize our responsibility to make the society more inclusive of the disabled population and what can help more than actively donating to your nearby charities with dedicated efforts to help this particular sector. Numerous clothing donation bins near you in the US work for the disability community as a targeted audience to help them and their families afford a better lifestyle. 

In addition to this, there are many acts of kindness that we all can pledge to undertake to make sure their voices are heard better and they are considered empowered components of a society. 

Academic scholarships and college supportĀ 

When we think about supporting those in need, giving away financially or materialistically often comes to mind. Perhaps that is why charities bins near you in Australia, UK, and around the globe seem to be collecting considerable funds. However, support through money can go beyond giving away cash only. 

For example, colleges and academic institutes can consider providing scholarships to those with disabilities based on their performance. 

Employers need to open up to giving more opportunities to those with disabilitiesĀ 

We need to see more people growing comfortable with seeing specially-abled individuals contribute towards appropriate tasks in a workplace. For example, why does a producer consider hiring an able-bodied actor for playing a role with a disability when an actor who is actually living the character can be easily found and hired instead. 

There are some ethical issues involved. Some say that hiring someone with a disability makes them live through the trauma especially if they are someone sensitive. However, the big names in the mainstream media can simply put the option on the table and let only those who are okay with such performances appear for trials. 

Teach social inclusion to kids in schoolsĀ 

The act of giving away is something that kids learn from elders. If we want our community to learn inclusion, the teaching must begin at home and in schools. 

In a nutshell, our outlook on how to treat and interact with disability needs to change now. Moreover, the change should begin in elementary schools. We should teach the kids how to accept and deal with peers for their differences. If they are taught such lessons at an early age, they will learn to discriminate less and be more socially inclusive. 

In fact, gathering kids with and without disabilities to teach them together makes everyone appreciate the talent and gifts all kids bring with them. 

Give disability proper representation in political settingĀ 

Have you ever come across politicians or government officials with a disability? That must have happened very rarely or never at all in your country. 

That is because those with disabilities are never given a chance to work inside a political office. However, things need to change now and one act of consideration that we can do is to raise a younger generation with disabilities to become more politically involved. 

In addition to this, people with disabilities also have to deal with attitudinal and technological barriers when exercising their right to vote. For example, there are no automatic door openers and American Sign Language interpreters are non-existent as well. This causes many voters to be turned away and that is not okay. 

Take Home MessageĀ 

We all have looked at a specially-abled person and wondered ā€œhow can we make their life better?ā€ 

There are many organizations and nonprofit agencies working day and night towards the betterment of this sector but there are still useful contributions that we can make. It is important to understand that inclusion is not something that just happens over night. A community must collectively build its people around such guidelines. Therefore, inclusion must be taught to youngsters with intentionality, focus, and performance metrics. 

Moreover, inclusion is not just limited to those with disabilities. The spirit should be as such to include minorities, those with racial issues, and the needy within a society. 

Abdus Subhan

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