What You Should Know Before Your Roof Replacement

The roof of a home is one of its most essential features, if not the most important one. It protects the house, your belongings, and, most importantly, your loved ones. So, it’s crucial that it be in good shape. Proper maintenance can help extend the life of a roof, but eventually, it will need to be replaced. 

Most homeowners recognize that ripping off the old roof and installing a new one is a big project, but they can still often underestimate how important and involved it is. However, understanding what’s involved in a roof replacement can make the project much easier and without too much disruption to your daily life. Here’s what you need to know before getting a new roof installed on your home. 

Hire the Right Roofers

Getting a new roof is an expensive home improvement project, which can tempt some homeowners into cutting corners and either doing it themselves or hiring inexperienced roofers. However, cutting costs typically means cutting corners on safety, quality and skill level. 

Most people who cut corners end up with subpar results, which can end up costing even more money to have fixed later on. When looking at roofing companies in Toronto, ensure they are reputable, experienced, insured and licensed. Make sure you have the estimate, materials, colours, type of work and cost involved in writing.

Understand The Time and Process

Make sure you know how long the work is estimated to take, when the roofing company will be working and what type of weather will prevent them from working. Also, be aware that any roofing project can cause excessive noise, so it’s a good idea to make arrangements for children and pets to be away for that. 

Go over what areas the roofers will be working in, where they will park and where they will set up the materials and tools. If you need to come and go, consider parking your car on the street for easy access if the workers will need to be in your driveway.

How to Keep Your Roof in Good Condition

After going through the process of getting a new roof, you want to be sure it will last as long as possible. By conducting proper maintenance, you can significantly extend the life of a new roof. Having your roof cleaned and inspected regularly, cleaning the gutters, preventing ice dams, and more will go a long way to ensuring your roof has a good long life. Annual or biannual inspections in the fall or spring will go a long way and could save you a lot of money by preventing more significant roof issues.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating a roof replacement project. If well prepared, you can make this replacement easier, and soon enough, you’ll be well protected and safe under it.

Ellen Hollington

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