What You Should Know About Short Term Health Insurance?

First, what is it? Short term health insurance is a form of insurance available for periods of 1 month up to a year but renewable in some states for up to 3 years. It is basic coverage that helps protect you from major health events like an emergency room visit or hospital stay. It is not governed by the Affordable Care Act so it does not follow its guidelines. What does that mean? Pre-existing conditions can cause you to be denied, doesn’t cover pregnancy, medications, regular doctor visits or wellness. It is for all intents and purposes a catastrophic insurance policy. Deductibles and out of pocket expenses are high but it is inexpensive and available for short periods of time.

Who might need short term coverage? A young adult who ages out of their parent’s insurance coverage, an unemployed individual who no longer has health care through an employer, an individual awaiting the expiration of a trial period at a job before becoming eligible for the company health plan all might benefit from short term coverage health insurance.

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We cannot overemphasize that there are other programs available to provide medical coverage that do fall under ACA guidelines and provide more comprehensive coverage. Medicaid and CHIP programs are available to those who qualify by income and the Marketplace provides ACA benefits in levels from bronze to platinum with assistance available to pay for it for those who qualify. 

Short term insurance quotes will provide the information that you will need to consider whether this is the option for you. Typically these plans are bought for three months or less. With all the information available about ACA plans it is easy to forget that these plans do not have those benefits that most ACA plans are required to have nor do they follow the same rules. As health insurance for unemployed people they may seem affordable but with no prescription coverage, physician visits or any wellness care they basically are only for hospitalization and emergencies and some have significant deductibles before they will pay.

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