What You Need To Know About Dosi Crasher Cannabis Strain

Produced by combining the classic Dosidos and Face Off OG varieties, Dosi Crasher is an Indica-dominant hybrid (60% Indica and 40% Sativa). This is one of those strains that will make you question your identity because it is terrific! With the inclusion of Face Off OG genetics, these iconic OG scents combine well with medical-grade physical effects that trend toward relaxation. 

Flavour, Aroma, and Appearance

This strain is a treat to the eyes, with brilliant pistils, mint green and lilac leaves, and dazzling trichomes. It has an intense, sweet, earthy, and slightly flowery weirdness to its scent. According to some sources, this bud has a fruity floral taste with sweet and spicy flavour hints. The smell is highly similar, with a spicy and robust diesel overtone complemented by dank florals and fruitiness. It has long, pepper-shaped, dusty green nugs with amber overtones, thin golden hairs, and a layer of tiny yellow crystal trichomes.

Effects and Advantages

Your mind will be filled with a lifted sensation of tingling serenity and comfort as the high kicks in, rapidly pushing away any unwanted or rushing ideas that may have entered your head. A large cerebral stone will quickly replace these unpleasant feelings that will make you distracted and happy with your situation.

After that, you’ll experience a relaxing body high that begins with a mild buzz before taking full grip and leaves you feeling happy and at peace. If you have chronic pain, insomnia, stress or anxiety, depression, migraines, or cramps, DOSI CRASHER is a good choice because it has a high THC content of 18–19% and a low CBD content of 0–1%.

How do I get a Dosi Crusher?

  1. To purchase the Dosi Crasher strain, you must first locate a dispensary that offers marijuana. While it is also available for purchase on the internet, it is vital to choose the correct strain for your preferences. 
  2. Before you buy any kind of cannabis, you need to know your state’s rules.
  3. Check out the strains available at your local dispensary or on the website of your preferred dispensary to see what they have to offer.
  4. Before you go out and get the strain, make sure you have enough cash on hand to cover your expenses. Most dispensaries accept payments in cash, debit, and credit cards. Some dispensaries also provide discounts to customers who purchase with specific payment methods like prepaid cards or gift cards.

 How Many Cigarettes Can You Smoke in a Day to Get High?

It is unnecessary to smoke marijuana multiple times a day to achieve an excellent high. The quantity of THC in your system is essential in determining how many times you may smoke cannabis in a day. If you have enough THC in your system, the more times you are allowed to smoke in a day, the more likely you will achieve a satisfactory level of high. 

Someone can smoke pot an unlimited number of times in a day to get a desirable buzz. However, several aspects play a role in this, such as the quantity of THC they take and the length of time they wait before smoking again after their last puff.


It is one of the most well-known strains of cannabis out there. You’ll get a two-hour high for the first time, but the longer you smoke, the less potent it becomes. Start with an in-your-face buzz that melts throughout the body, giving you a calm radiating outward, making you look and feel your best.

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