What you can do to Style on a Budget?

Wear uniform looks from the designer and look good in them with living in trend?¬†Anyone can do that!¬†At least everyone with a big bank account.¬†But most¬†street style stars also¬†started out small – and were not always furnished by designers. At first glance, one associates elegance and style with luxury fashion that hardly anyone can afford.¬†But that doesn’t have to be the case –¬†you can also present yourself grandly¬†with¬†affordable men’s fashion.

Film and television stars know how to present themselves well.¬†But do you know how to dress tastefully without digging too deep into your pocket?¬†First and foremost, by not simply buying as cheaply as possible and trying to put individual parts together to form an overall picture.¬†Rather, it’s about getting real bargains,¬†i.e.¬†finding¬†affordable men’s fashion¬†that promises excellent quality on top of that.

Because good style has nothing to do with money. All you have to do is follow a few simple fashion rules.

But how do you look stylish without a big wallet? These are our golden rule for good style Рwith little money:

Don’t despair – shop better

Many men invest their entire shopping budget in cheap clothes. You can do it. But: if you have little money, you have to choose the parts the entire better! 

Is the seam just hanging by a thin thread? Or does the fabric look like it washes off after the second wash? Then leave the part in the store.

In general, you should also avoid shopping for clothes that lead to further purchases Рfor example, if you buy a pair of jeans for which the matching t-shirt has to be purchased. Usually the part lies unworn in the closet for month.

Get creative

A small shopping budget can sometimes even lead to more style Рbecause then you have to be all the more creative with the things that you already have in your closet.

This summer it was in vogue to wear blouses backwards. Or maybe you still have an old scarf, for example, that can be converted into a top? The possibilities are endless. 

Clean out your closet

Often there are still parts slumbering in our closet that we have long forgotten.

Some of them just don’t sit right – then you can ask the seamstress you trust whether the part can still be saved.

With other parts, on the other hand, sometimes we just have no idea how to combine them or we don’t know how to look stylish. Then it helps to invite a fashion-loving friend and try out new ideas with him or her.

Make a shopping list

Everyone knows it from shopping in the supermarket: if you don’t have a shopping list with you (and you’re hungry, too), you buy a lot more – and never what you actually need.

It’s similar when shopping for clothes.¬†It is best to save all the nice parts in a list or pin them on a mood board and only buy them towards the end of the month – when there is still money.

In this way you avoid buying pleasure and shopping for more things that actually fit your own style.


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