What to Look for in a Secure Luggage Storage Facility

For those who are avid travelers, there is nothing more frustrating than stopping in a city for just a day and having to pull your luggage around everywhere. However, when you aren’t spending the night in that city and don’t have a hotel or hostel which will hold your bags, it can feel like bringing them everywhere is the only possibility. On top of this, it’s entirely possible that you have a hotel you’re staying in which, for one reason or another, won’t hold bags. In this frustrating situation, utilizing a secure luggage storage facility may be the best option.

What is a Secure Luggage Storage Facility?

Many people haven’t heard of a secure luggage storage facility before despite how beneficial it can be. For those who haven’t, a secure luggage storage facility is simply a designated location where a person can drop off their luggage to an employee of the company where it will be locked away and guarded. Working very similarly to a baggage drop-off at hotels, but independently, these secure storage facilities allow a person to explore the area without worrying about carrying their luggage, all for a low price.

What is the Point of Secure Luggage Storage?

When traveling to a new city, most people wonder why they would even bother with locking their luggage away. However, there are many reasons that this may be important, and even necessary depending on where you are. Some cultures frown on bringing large amounts of baggage everywhere you go, and many tourist destinations don’t allow bags into areas such as museums, monuments, and more. This severely limits where you can go in your destination, which is why locking up your luggage can help.

5 Benefits of Luggage Storage Services

Beyond the above, there are a number of key benefits for why luggage storage services are important. Roughly 55% of travelers choose to check their luggage while flying, meaning they likely have more than is easy to carry. Rather than stress about bringing this luggage around, consider the following five benefits of using secure storage services:

1.   The ability to explore a location hands-free

Being able to explore an area with free hands is important for any traveler. Whether it be looking at marvels inside of a museum or simply touring a famous monument, having to cart around luggage is a nuisance. Storage services take this stress off of your hands by allowing you to go hands-free.

2.   No need to worry about thieves getting into your luggage

Even if you have an eye on your luggage at all times, professional thieves may find a way to steal your belongings. When you lock up this luggage inside a secure facility, however, there is very little chance that thieves can get through all of the security that is in place.

3.   You can save money on transportation costs

When you are bringing a large amount of luggage around, you may not be able to walk everywhere. This means you would be forced to spend money on taxis or rideshare services which can add up quickly. By locking your luggage away, you can avoid paying these transportation costs and save some money.

4.   A person will save more of their energy

Carrying around a 50-pound suitcase all day will quickly become tiring, no matter how strong you may be. Running out of energy faster means you won’t get to explore as much of your destination as you’d like. When you’re only in that area for a small amount of time, this can be a frustrating experience.

5.   You will have the convenience of visiting more destinations

Along the same lines of thinking, the faster you can get around a single destination, the faster you will be able to see more destinations, especially if they are local. Using a storage service for luggage can ensure this occurs. 

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Different Luggage Storage Services

Evaluating the different types of luggage storage services can be a challenge considering how many are in existence. With secure luggage storage options in London, the United States, France, and so many more countries around the world, there are a number of factors to consider to ensure you are picking the best service:

  • ●     Check for hidden potential fees that the company may be charging such as those based on weight, time, number, and other factors
  • ●     Check reviews on customer service to see if the company treats its customers with respect and handles their luggage as if it were there own
  • ●     Check what type of fare is being offered – many luggage storage companies will charge per hour or per day, however, by the minute is also common and can sometimes be more expensive
  • ●     Check the locations offered by the company before you arrive so that you are not surprised by the lack of a location – one should also check to ensure the location is still operational
  • ●     Check to see what type of insurance is offered in the unfortunate event that your luggage does get misplaced or stolen when with the company – the best luggage storage services will offer effective insurance for this unfortunate situation
  • Inquire as to whether or not there is a total time limit you are allowed to leave your luggage with the company, as some companies will max out storage time at a day or two which may not work for your schedule

Secure your luggage safely today

The last thing anybody wants when on vacation is to learn that their luggage has either been stolen or rifled through. There are many reasons why securing your luggage in a facility for storage is an excellent idea, ranging from protection against theft to pure convenience. Don’t run the risk of tiring out quickly, not being able to visit a location, or some other unfortunate occurrence simply because you’re carrying around your bags. Instead, use an accredited facility to securely lock up your luggage wherever you may be. 


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