“What to look for in a salon reception desk”

With regards to setting up a salon, one of the main household items is the salon reception desk. Besides the fact that it fills in as the primary resource for clients, however, it additionally establishes the vibe for the whole salon. A very much planned salon reception desk can establish an extraordinary first connection and assist with establishing an inviting and proficient climate.

At the point when clients show up in your salon you will need to welcome them correctly and the kind of salon reception desk you have introduced will assume a significant part. Reception desks for salons are an important resource that can be utilized to supplement your image picture and back key staff exercises. One can find the best Salon Reception Desks for Sale.

How to choose the right Salon Reception Desk:

The following are the main things that need to be considered before choosing the right salon reception desk:

  • Size and shape: The size and state of your reception desk will rely upon the size of your salon and how much traffic you hope to get. On the off chance that you have a little salon with restricted space, a minimized work area might be the most ideal choice. As far as shape, a rectangular work area is the most widely recognized, however, you can likewise pick a bent or L-molded work area to fit the space you have accessible.
  • Capacity: The reception desk isn’t simply a spot to welcome clients, yet additionally a spot to store significant records and supplies. Search for a work area that has a lot of capacity choices, including drawers, cupboards, and racks. You’ll require space to store arrangement books, client data, cash drawers, and other fundamental things.
  • Durability: A salon reception desk should have the option to endure the mileage of regular use. Search for a work area that is made of solid materials, like hardwood, overlay, or metal.
  • Comfort: Your secretary will invest a ton of energy in the work area, so it’s vital that it’s agreeable to utilize. Search for a work area that has an ergonomic plan and a fitting level. The work area ought to likewise be not difficult to reach, so your secretary doesn’t need to strain to get to things.
  • Style: Your salon’s reception desk is one of the main things clients will see when they enter, so it’s essential to pick a work area that mirrors the style and energy of your Salon. Whether you’re going for a cutting-edge, moderate look or a more customary stylish, there are a lot of styles to browse.
  • Lighting: Great lighting is fundamental for a reception desk, as your secretary should see plainly while working with clients. Search for a work area that has underlying lighting, for example, elevated lights or undertaking lighting.
  • Access: At last, it’s vital to pick a reception desk that is available to everybody, incorporating those with incapacities. Ensure that the work area is at the right level for wheelchair clients and that there is a lot of room for them to move around. The work area ought to likewise be not difficult to access for clients with portability issues.


Picking the right salon reception desk is fundamental for establishing an inviting and proficient climate for your clients. While considering a reception desk, it is critical to consider factors like usefulness, plan and style, size and shape, and spending plan. By taking into account these elements, you can guarantee that you pick a utilitarian, jazzy work area that accommodates your financial plan.