What to consider while buying Feather Flags

Feather Flags are a well-known way to advertise an event, product, or business worldwide. The main function of these flags is to attract people’s attention to their advertisement. These flags can be placed outside or indoors. These are designed carefully with suitable taglines and attractive colors to draw the attention of the people passing by them. This is the most budget-friendly way of advertising.

Before getting a feather flag for advertisement, the buyers should know how to choose the ideal one. Here are some points that should be considered while purchasing the flag.

Type (Single / Double Side)

These days the feather flags are available with single-sided or double-sided printing. The flags are digitally printed on fabrics.

Single-sided flags

The advertisement is visible clearly on the front of the single-sided flag. The back side of the flag contains the bleedthrough inverted image. They are mostly used in one-way paths and front-facing traffic and entrances.

Double-sided flags 

On the other hand, double-sided printed flags are created by sewing two layers of individually printed flaps. It contains mesh in between. Clear print on both sides looks neat and professional. It has an advantage in long advertisements. It is an appropriate choice for open outdoor events, Two-way paths, and Busy streets.

Shape and Size

Feather flags are sold in several shape and size options. In addition to the flag size, the kit size also has a role in elevating the height. Each shape type differs in curve, angle, and slope.

There are different shapes of flags like:

● Stand Out Square Bottom

● Teardrop

● Convex Bottom

● Concave Bottom

● Swooper

Choose the flag size according to the event. Large flags can be used in outdoor events with large decorations and indoor halls with high ceilings. In indoor events with minimal settings, the small flags are appropriate.

Here are the size options: 

● Small at 9ft

● Medium at 10.5

● Large at 14 feet

● X-Large at 18 feet


The flag design is the most important factor. The design must be attractive enough to catch people’s attention. The buyer should ensure the right placement of the logo and text. The popularly used design is to have a dark background with bold defined light colored text. The Colour scheme and contrast should be used in the right way for better display pop of the advertisement.

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It is essential to get the right kind of base to place the feather flags in a structured manner.

These are some varieties of bases that will help the flag stay uplifted in any kind of situation. The flags can be easily set up on the water weight bag, inserted on the ground, etc.

●    Flag pole base

●    Ground stake

●    X Base

●    Water weight X base

●    Water base

Material & Printing 

The feather flags need to be durable as well as can have better image quality. Polyester is knitted and made into flags as it is water resistant and also stays protected from UV rays. Water-based inks are used as they are environment friendly and don’t fade easily. 

Digital printing is done over Polyester. It is very cost-effective and also gives a high-quality image. Another way to print flags is screen printing. It gives a high-quality image but is not that efficient. 


Feather Flags are one of the most compelling methods to advertise your ideas. They are cost-effective and can display advertisements for a long time. But before purchasing the feather flags, buyers must be aware of all the above information. 

They must choose between single or double-sided flags, customize them wisely with a proper design and choose the right base. The buyer can get the ideal feather flag by keeping these factors in mind.