What to consider when buying a steel door in Kenya

As the name implies a steel door is not exactly solid steel but it is made up of polystyrene core and a steel cover over the top. This kind of door is very durable and effective since they provide full security. However to find an original one is not that easy. Thus, this article below will review what to consider when buying it.

In the market today, many varieties of steel doors have appeared from different brands and companies. This has proven easy for fraudsters to easily con people by selling fake steel doors. This is disheartening since one would not get the required steel the door he or she needs for his or her use. Hence in this article, we will review what to importantly consider before purchasing any steel door in the market today.


This is an important feature to look out for since if a door isn’t precise maybe in measurements, that means that it will not fit in where you want to place it. This it is best that you check the preciseness of the door about where you want to place it. This will, in turn, avoid instances of remaining spaces in between the door and the frame.

Latches, hinges and holds

These three things ought to be included in a door. The hold show matches one such that it can be swung easily without exerting force. It should also be placed in the right way accordingto the direction of the door. The hinges, on the other hand, should be of good quality and strong enough to sustain the door for a long period. The locks should at least be lubricated for ease of opening either manually or by use of a key and should easily be accessible by hand.

The frame

This is also one of the features one should look out for. A steel door should have a frame in which it will be used during installation. A steel door lacking a frame would mean that the door is incomplete and thus not ready for installation.

Quality of assembling.

For any quality door, it should have a good quality of assembling. This implies that a steel door making company should include all the necessary procedures to complete the door fully leaving no areas on the doors untouched. This would enhance the durability of the door hence long-lasting.

Paint quality

In the market, you will hardly be able to differentiate between good and quality paint used on a steel door and the fake and poor one. So to be able to know the good one check if it conforms to the CSA standards. If it does then you can be assured that the steel door would have a long warranty period and it would keep its beauty for many years of use.

Manufactures warranty

This should be provided to you after you purchase the door. A warranty will help you have the power to return the product to the seller if the product has any problems whatsoever. Also, you should check the period of the warranty to be on guard.

The cost

In the market today, steel doors kenya prices vary so much. This is maybe due to competition. However, it is good to at least look for a fair price that at least won’t hurt you. You can do this by viewing and negotiating with every steel door seller and choosing who offers the best and at a good price.


As explained above, it is always good to be a wee of what you are to purchase and what you should look out for before purchasing. A steel door is one product of a kind to keep in mind.